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The Mirror and Paramortal: Two kindle Shorts

Short stories are always fun to read. I can read them in single sitting and so they don't require big commitment. They  always come handy in the middle of a bigger read. I have been reading Duma Key from a long time and so when i need to change my taste i just read a short story in between.

I read The Mirror by J  Thomas Scafidi and Paramortal by J M Tompkins recently. This post is going to be about them. Both are of horror genre and both are available for free for kindle unlimited subscribers.

This post is going to be about both of these stories.
The Mirror -  J Thomas Scafidi

Read on 19th July 2019

Edition Details:
Format: E-book 
Page Count: 18
Price: 69 Rs (Free on Kindle Unlimited)

The Mirror by J Thomas Scafidi
The Mirror by J Thomas Scafidi

First Sentence:
Honey hurry up!

Jen was happy. She had hated the city and had always wanted to leave it. And now, finally, they were moving to their new home. A home which was away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

But she didn't know her new home has had a history and and it's not good.

Main Characters:
Jen - Wife
John -  Husband
Jim Hendricks - A guy who came at Jen and John's new place

My View:
I enjoyed reading The Mirror by J Thomas Scafiddi. It had the right ingredients. The new happy couple, their hopes and dreams of an happy life and an ominous history which was looming over them. 

I enjoyed reading it but i think we could have been told more about the mirror. We get to know about the house. We are given enough hints to figure out what would have happened there but we are not told much about the mirror. Since the title is the mirror and not the house, as a reader i think we could have been told more about it. I wanted to know the mirror's history, i wanted to know he came to be in possession of the previous family. Basically i wanted to know how that mirror turned out to be the way it was. This would have made for an entertaining read. 

When Jen looks into the mirror we could have been told in back-flash what had happened to the previous owners. It would have made the reader more aware of the evil presence of the mirror and then the ending, imho, would have had a greater impact then what it does in its current form.

A good story but could have been better detailed.

Rating: 2.5/5

Paramortal - J M Tompkins 
Read on 20th July 2019

Edition Detail:
Format : E-book 
Page Count: 22
Price: 69 rs (Free on kindle Unlimited)

Paramortal by J M Tompkins
Paramortal by J M Tompkins

First Sentence:
Attempting to sneak across a parking lot covered in dead leaves seemed pointless.

Gary had met Maisey in an Animal Rights Club. Gary had talked passionately about animals and how he felt for them. Maisey was impressed and so she had asked Gary whether he just wanted to talk or whether he wanted to walk the talk. Maisey was cute and Gary was into her. He figured if he agrees to do some action, he could get some action.

And now they were in front of animal testing centre. They wanted to sabotage it. At least, Gary thought so.

How wrong he was?
Main Characters:
Gary - A college Student
Maisey - Another college student
The curator- A guy who owned the centre which Maisey wanted to raid with Gary.

My View:
I liked the premise of the story. A guy falls for a girl and wants to do some stupid things to impress her. The story held my interest till the very end and i enjoyed the twists. 

I also liked the character of the Curator. He was an enigma. We get to hear his history in the story but it was not in details and i guess he was lying about most of it. I wanted to know more about him. I wanted to know his complete history, his life and from how long he was doing what he was doing. I would love to read a longer work featuring him.

Paramortal was an enjoyable short read for me. Give it a try.

Rating: 3/5

Have you read these stories? If you have then do tell me what did you thought of these?
If you haven't then you can get them from the following links:

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