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Hunter at Large by Thomas B Dewey

Rating: 4/5
Read between April 18th to April 17th,2017

Edition Details:
Format: E-book
Publisher: Wildside Press

First Sentence:
It was nearly dark when he got home.

Mickey Phillips had everything going on for him. He was considered a good investigator. He had made good progress in his career as a cop. He had a wife whom he adored and who adored him. He had a peaceful home where he could unwind.

But then everything was snatched away from him in an instant. His wife was brutally murdered. He was brutally beaten, shot and left for dead.

And the thing was, he didn't know the reason behind these actions. Now, after more than six months  of the incident,  Mickey Phillips is physically healed.  The perpetrators are still at large.

His brothers at arms, the police department, has failed him and he has decided the onus is on him to get the answers. He'll find them and hunt them and he doesn't care how many laws he breaks while doing it.

All he needs now is vengeance.

Will he get it?
Why was he attacked?
Why was his wife murdered?
And what will he have to go through for getting his revenge?

I have always been attracted to the crime and stories around them. So, more often then not i find myself gravitating towards noir literature. So when i saw this book, offering four classic noir novels, in the kindle store, i had to buy it. I had not read any of these authors and i was looking forward to reading them.

Since there are four novels in this mega-pack so i've decided i'll write about each book in  a separate post. And i'll add each book separately in my goodreads' read tab(yearly book count does matter).

Now, talking about 'Hunter at large'. The moment i read about the perfect life of mickey Phillips i had an idea that something bad was going to happen to this poor sod. And it did. But i had not gauged the intensity of the trauma that would be inflicted on him. That scene was so gruesome that it shook me and i knew i was hooked.

In a final desperate lunge, he threw himself against the ruthless torque of his binding. He broke both arms and one wrist and tore the ligaments of his shoulder muscles as if they had been strips of paper..

Mickey is literally broken, has no idea who the culprits are and their motive. We see him getting mended and then tracking the perpetrators. Most of the book is about his tracking these people. He finds them after lot of work  and then he confronts them. But this confrontation is a small part of the book  But during this tracking and confronting i could see Mickey as  a human. He was no avenging angel hell bent on pulverising every thing that comes in front of him. He wants revenge and is determined enough to keep his focus there. But he's a good guy too. We often see that part of him. There are moments in the book when you can see how time is diluting the emotion for him. He knows he's doing it for his principle now. He has no intention of killing them but handing them over to law. And that makes him real. I could connect to him and relate to him.

If i have to point something then i would say it would have been better if  the book was little more fast paced then it was. But then that's me just nit picking things. If you have read this book then do tell me your thoughts on these. If you haven't read this book then do give it a try.
You can get the book from the following link:
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