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The Devil's Whorehouse by C. Flemish

Read on 21st of May,2019

Edition Details:
Format: E-book
Page Count:  30
Price: 64 Rs (Free for Kindle Unlimited)

First Sentence:
The headlines of Dean's old Camaro sliced through the darkness like razorblades, the inside of his car glowing a deep,vibrant orange with every puff he took from his cigarette.

Dean had been getting bored in his life when Alex called. Alex had been Dean's friend who had to move to Seattle for job. But now he was getting back to Los Angeles. Dean was happy.

Off late the daily grind at the office had been feeling too cumbersome to Dean and he needed a break. So, when the opportunity came he took it. He decided that he would drive to Seattle and help his friend move.

He had thought the journey from Los Angeles to Seattle would be a fun experience.

He didn't know how wrong he was.

The Devil's Whorehouse was a fun short read. The story is about Dean and how he comes across a place where he shouldn't have come.

Initially, it feels like a travelogue but this part is short. The author doesn't wastes too much time in this and soon we come to the horror part. Right now i would just say that this story is about vampires and author has tried to create a new lore about them. I liked how he depicted them. If you like gore then there is enough of it here. If you don't there are some parts that can make you feel nauseous.

The story keeps you gripped till the end. The ending was somewhat predictable. The signs were there and one had to just read them. If you have read enough horror stories than you'd also predict it. Although, i think that was not needed. I think  that was the only weak part of the story.

The other thing that i find worth mentioning is about a weakness that one of the supernatural creature is shown to have in the story. That was something new for me.

I was watching an episode of supernatural just a few days back. It was about fairies. One of the weaknesses that those fairies had was that if someone drops sugar or salt in front of them they have to count each grain. It doesn't matter how strong they are. In fact Sam and Dean exploit that weakness in the end to defeat that fairy.

Here also the author has used this weakness. But  the creature that has been shown with that weakness is not a fairy. And here the creature has to count rice. This was somewhat surprising as i had not read about those creatures having that weakness before. I think this was the first time i was reading about it. This the author has taken from a Chinese folklore about them and he mentions it. I liked learning that. If any of those creatures come near me, i would keep a bag of rice handy. Ha ha.

The title of the story initially felt wrong to me but in the end it makes sense. It's taken from a song of a band called Misfits which is mentioned in the story. I had not heard about this band till now. But i would give them a try now. The lyrics seemed good.

In the end i would just say, it was a fun new take on the vampires. I enjoyed reading it. If you are looking for a fun short horror story to read then this would not disappoint you.

Rating: 3/5

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