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Clowns by S N Hudak

Read on 27th of December 2018

Format: E-book
Page Count: 30

Clowns by S N Hudak
Clowns by S N Hudak

First Sentence:
"How do i begin?"

Clowns are rampaging around the city. They are killing people and kidnapping kids. The police don't seem to care. And this is driving Jordan mad. He has decided to take matters into his own hands and deal with them.

What are these clowns? What do they want? How would Jordan stop the carnage?

Read the story to find that out.

I must begin by saying that clowns could have been a great read. I was intrigued by it's premise. I had liked the idea of clowns that are creating havoc and are murdering people.

But I was disappointed with the execution. The idea of the story was good but every thing after that needed work.

The story starts off good and as a reader I wanted to know what happens next. I wanted to know more about the clowns. I wanted to know how a normal guy would fight these clowns.

But then  the writing became too lazy.

One moment Jordan is being kicked on the head by the police man and another moment Jordan has that policeman by the necked. How did he manage it was something that stumped me.

I laugh as he kicked me in the head.
"What are you laughing at faggot?"

"You better talk before your behind bars."
"You have no plausible cause for arrest."
"No?  Did you not kill colwns?"
I took him by the neck and squeezed. His eyes bulged out of his skull, beads of his sweat land on me.

Another thing was that Jordan says the policeman has no reason for arresting him and then he chokes a police officer. I don't know about the city where this story takes place but in my country choking a police officer is cause enough to land you behind bars. But nothing happens to Jordan. He just leaves from there and no body stops him.

Every thing just happens for his convenience.

There are demon clowns every where and he has a demon killing priest in his neighbour. How does Jordan knows that we don't know? But then the priest, gives him his weapon and makes him a kind of his successor. How did the priest knew he was the right guy?

Policemen keep interrogating him and then letting him go.

Near the end whenever he was being surrounded by the clowns he gets some kind of weapon which are conveniently placed near him.

The other clowns swarmed me like locusts and in split second i grabbed the  nearest weapon, a knife and i swung it and in one blow i caused a small wound in one of the clowns

He was gone; and i ran towards the remains. I looked at Saturn and pointed by finger.
"You are fucking dead."
Clowns surrounded me and i picked up the gun and fired.

These are all just examples of lazy writing.

I think if some more work had been gone in this story before publishing then it could have been a far better read than what it is now.

My rating : 1.5/5

If you have read this one then do tell me what did you thought of it. If you want to read the book then you can get the book from the following link:
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