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In Dark Corners by S B Shannon

Rating: 3.5/5
Read between April 27th,2018 to April 29th,2018

Edition Details:
Format: E-book
Page Count: 41

In Dark Corners is a collection of three stories by Sandra B Shannon. The stories included in this collection are :

1.Transformation Complete 3.5/5

First Sentence:
Gordon Williams stood silently at the kitchen door and studied Vera's stout figure.

Gordon and Vera had been married for 42 years. These 42 years had eroded a lot of love that existed between the two. Gordon had only one interest now - Vampires. He knew they were a lore but he wanted those creatures to be true. His becomes so much obsessed with these creatures that he decides to become one of them.

What happens next forms the story? Will Gordon become successful in becoming a Vampire? How does he plans to do so? What about Vera? Would she allow it?

This was a fun read for me. I didn't find it weird that Gordon wanted to become a Vampire because there have been instances when i have thought about that. When i used to go for a jog i used to think i'm some kind of werewolf out on a prowl. It was a fun fantasy.

So, i had fun reading about Gordon's experiences. I kept thinking would i go through with what he was going through. I think i'll not be game for it. The another thing that i found hilarious was the equation between Vera and Gordon. The way he's scared of her was let's just say amusing. I pictured Gordon as someone who looked like Henry Bemis (The guy in the twilight zone epsiode: Time enough at last. If you haven't seen it do watch it.) and Vera as Bemis' wife.  I was hoping that if the ritual indeed becomes successful and instead of Gordon Vera becomes the vampire it would be kind of funny.

Well, whether it happens or not you'll have to read the story for that. I'll just say i enjoyed the story, especially the end. It leaves a lot for our imagination.

2.The rocking chair 3.5/5

First Sentence:
As soon as i saw it in the window i knew i had to have it.

Graham knew he wanted to have it. He saw that chair and was attracted to it. He had a chair like that once and he had loved it. And so he knew he'll buy that rocking chair. And he did buy it. He shouldn't have.

I loved reading this story. I have never sat on a rocking chair but i guess it would be relaxing to sit on one. So, the story was kind of scary as i was thinking what would happen if a bed or mattress could do what that chair was doing. It felt scary.

3.Bewitched 3/5

First sentence
Jack peered over the top of his pint with nervous eyes that darted from side to side taking in the pub's clientele.

Jack was sitting in the pub waiting for his friend Bert. Bert had called him and wanted to speak to him urgently. Jack wondered what it was about.

And when Bert came and told him Jack didn't knew what to make of it. He didn't think his friend was serious.

Fred, who was Jack and Bert's friend, had disappeared five years back. Now Bert claimed he knew what had happened to him. He thinks a witch has something to do with it.

Was that really the case? Or as Jack thought, Bert had lost it? What did they do?

It was a simple read and that makes it scary. If my friend comes to me and says what Jack said i'd most definitely laugh at him. But i was thinking if something like that turns out to be true and i have to face it then what would happen? Wouldn't that be scary? I think that would be a scary experience. I liked reading although it was not the best among the three but it was not bad too.It can be read once. It may feel childish but that's what makes it more scary because no one would believe it.

In dark corners by SB Shannon was a fun collection to read. I enjoyed reading these cozy horror stories and if you are looking for some fun short horror reads that you can go through them. They are not that creepy but a fun read none the less. My favourite one was The rocking Chair. If you have read this one than do tell me which one did you like most.
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