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This Is For Real by James Hadley Chase

Rating : 3/5
Novel read between 29th May,2016 and 31st  May,2016

Edition Details:
Format : Paperback
Page Count : 216
Publisher: Mastermind Books
Series : Mark Girland #1

First Sentence:
Two Americans sat at a corner table, well away from the group of newspaper men lounging up at the bar in the Paris Crillon Bar.

When John Dorey receives a call from an unknown caller stating that she has information to share, he thinks he needs to get it verified. It's necessary that the information not be fake as he cannot afford a fiasco. He is at the end of his career in Europe and the way he deals with this situation can make or break his career.
So,he hires Harray Rossland to find out whether the informant has genuine information or it's just another crank call. He never does field work but assigns it to his agents. Harry has grown over confident and careless with time. He calls Mark Girland, the only agent who hasn't left him like others who all think Harry has become more of a liability then an asset, for checking the truth of the call.
Mark is a good agent who has just one weakness, a beautiful woman.He likes money but has enough scruples to not let it wreck his moral compass. He starts investigating and soon finds out that this is for real, a little carelessness and it could get you killed. He finds Harry Rossland tortured and dead. The game has begun and lives are at stake.
There are lots of people that want that information and they are willing to kill for it. Harry is just the beginning.

Will Mark be able to get the information?What is the information that has started this killing spree?Who all want it?And what will they do with this information? And how many people will lose their life in this pursuit?

I should clear this at the outset that i love books by James Hadley Chase. They are fast paced, concise and fun till the end. This one is no different. It's a espionage thriller set in Europe. There are agents,double agents, crooked business tycoons and his minions who all have a single agenda and are pitted against each other. The book is fast paced and kept me entertained almost till the end. I'm saying almost because sadly it didn't have that big showdown between Mark Girland and Malik who is Mark's nemesis, which i found to be a little disappointing. Apart from this thing the book was a great read and i would say if you like spy thrillers then you should definitely check this out. I know you'll not be disappointed.

If you have read the book then do tell me what did you felt about it. And if you haven't then you can get it from the following links:

Happy reading.
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  1. I really enjoy reading your review. Would you please review Mr.Chase novel A Coffin from hongkong. It's my favorite novel of Chase.

    1. thanks for your comment.. I'll try to read the book and write my thoughts about it....


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