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See Jack Run! by Robert E Mills

Rating: 3.5/5
Read between 24th June,2016 and 26th June,2016

Edition Details:
Format :Paperback
Page Count : 287
Publisher: Leisure Books

First Sentence:
"Allah Akbar," cried the Imam Abdur Rahman ibn Jiluwi al Yusuf.

Imam Yusuf has been leading Islamic Revolution against the royal family in Arabia. He's been supported by American CIA.
On the other hand Russians are supporting Prince Khalid of the royal family. They want him to be king and thus control the oil resources. 
But for this Imam Yusuf needs to be neutralized. And Anantoli Kaganov, the Russian colonel, knows Gerard Chartier is the best man for the job. He has till now successfully committed 17 political assassinations.
Then there is  Jack Handley, a TV producer, has recently gone through a bad divorce. He has lost his daughter in custody battle but he wants her bad. And he's willing to kidnap her.
But everything turns haywire when he inexplicably finds himself in the middle of this political coup to control oil resources of Saudi Arabia. Both CIA and KGB are pursuing him. They want him and if they got him he feels  they'll kill him. He has only one option left and that is to run. 
Will he succeed in saving his and his daughter's life?
Why did the KGB and CIA agents were after him?
Where does he fits in the larger political game played between CIA and KGB? And who will win among them?

See Jack Run was an entertaining book. It's a page turner and never lets you get bored. 
The story starts with an Islamic Revolution in Saudi Arabia and then it moves to New York and the finale happens in the Mexico. 
But once the Jack is introduced his story takes the precedence over the dispute between Americans and Russians and their pawns.
Talking about Russians it's funny how most American novels or films portray Russians as a bad guys. I have yet to come across a book that has good Russians who's allegiance is to Russia. If you know some,then do recommend.
If i'll talk about the characters they are as good as they can be in a thriller. There are some good moments between Jack and his daughter Nicole where she embarrasses him with her curiosity. These were fun to read. 
The bad guys Anatoli Kaganov and Gerard Chartier are good. And the fact that Jack is pitted against these trained men makes the story more thrilling. We know that Jack wouldn't stand a chance against these people but then he has to survive and how he does that is fun to read.
Apart from Jack there is Danielle Cameron who also gets involved along with him in this. Jack met her as an escort to someone but as the story progresses he finds out that she's anything but an escort. She's good with guns and why she's sticking with Jack is a mystery.
I just didn't understood one thing about this character. Once she tries to leave Jack and his daughter and run away but then she's attacked and then she comes back. I didn't understand why she did that. Why she came back?Jack surely couldn't protect her as she found out later. There were many times where she had to save jack's ass. Her this behavior surely puzzled me.
Many people die as the story progresses and there are ample amount of action sequences that kept me entertained. The story is taut and doesn't drag.
In the conclusion i would say that it was an entertaining thriller to read. If you like thrillers you should check this out. Although,I don't know whether this is in print or not. I got it in a second had book shop for 10 rs. And man it was worth more than that. If you have access to this then do read it. You'll not be disappointed.
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