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The Lost Symbol - Dan Brown

Rating: 3/5
Read between April 15th 2016 to April 25th 2016

Edition Details:
Format : Hardback
Page Count: 509
Publisher: Bantam Press

First Sentence:
The Otis elevator climbing the south pillar of the Eiffel Tower was overflowing with tourists.

Peter Solomon was a billionaire and head of Smithsonian institute. He was also a mentor and a father figure for Robert Langdon. So when his secretary calls him and asks Langdon to fill for a guest lecture in National Statuary Hall, there is no way Robert can say no to him.
But when Robert reaches the place he finds out that there is no lecture scheduled for that evening. Perplexed he thinks he's been a victim of a practical joke until he comes across the severed right hand of  his mentor in the Capitol Rotunda.
Robert knows his mentor is in danger and somebody has kidnapped him.
Why has Peter been kidnapped?And why did the kidnapper cut his hand?Why is CIA's deputy director involved in this?There are questions whose answers Robert isn't willing to find because he knows the answers will scare him?

The lost symbol by Dan Brown is the third novel in his Robert Langdon series. If you are following the series you would be well aware of the basic premise of these novels. If not it's just this:
There is a secret that has been buried for time immemorial. The secret has been protected  throughout history by a covert group. And the revelation of this secret to to wrong people may have dire consequences Now Robert Langdon(along with a pretty lady. Age is not a bar.) somehow gets embroiled and has to find the secret before the bad guys and somehow thwart their attempts.
So, that's the basic premise.
In lost symbol this secret organisation is The masons and a secret is something they have buried in Washington DC.
Apart from that Peter's sister Katherine has done work on noetic science which may change the way the present science community sees the old mystics. But the bad guy doesn't want it to be available to the general populace so he wants it destroyed.
So,in this book there are two things to be protected.
The book is fast paced. The story is a thriller and it got me hooked from the start. I liked the overall book although i could easily guess before the author revealed who was the antagonist. So, which should have been a surprise to me was not.  Then the reason that was given for involvement of CIA for me it was kind of childish. And the last chapters of the book were the most boring. After everything is done, the secret that masons were guarding is revealed which was not only anti climactic but the chapters detailing why it's right are downright boring. In my humble opinion it would have been better if the secret would have been left a secret. In my experience of reading the novels i have found the starting and ending of a novel are much more important. The middle part is important too but if you don't have a good beginning you wouldn't be able to hook the readers in and if you don't have the good ending then it would leave a bad taste in the end. It's the ending that leaves an impression as to how one felt about the book. Like in Lost Symbol i found the ending chapters along with the epilogue to be boring and so it lowered the books rating for me. But if the story would have been stopped when the antagonist is finished and every thing turns out to be hunky dory then it would have been suitable for the book. Of course, these are my personal opinions.
Apart from this i think Dan has given us another good thriller.There are many topics in the book which Dan may have got wrong( i read that in reviews) but then i don't consider his books to be non-fiction. His books are fiction and i think they should be considered as such. The good thing is he takes these pieces of history and gets you acquainted with it. Then it's the readers job to read about that stuff from reliable sources. 
In the conclusion i would just say i liked the book. It's a gripping thriller and will get you hooked from the start. If you're looking for something fast paced then you'll not go wrong with this.
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