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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Blood Sacrifices:The curse of Tabla Diabla by Tiny Jhonson

Finished On: 14th of January 2014
Edition: kindle edition
pages: 87 approx
When little Elena walked into Dr Maggie Miller's office, Maggie felt sad for the little girl. Elena's parents had died and she was living on the street. Maggie remembered her own childhood and wanting to do something for the poor child decides to take her home. Little did she knows what consequences this kindness will have on the rest of her life.
Now about the book. It was a novella about 87 pages long and that felt too long for this story. Most of the times the story felt too stretched.The concept was good but it became boring as things kept repeating themselves. I feel that it should have been better as a short story and then it would have been fast and more entertaining. Although i must say i liked the concept of the novella and i would like to try  another stories of the story.
This was another kindle freebie but presently it's priced at 54  rs which seems too much for it. I think half the price would be more appropriate. You can get the book at the following link:
Blood Sacrifices:The curse of Tabla Diabla amazon.in link

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