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Underneath:Short Tales of Horror and Supernatural by Dan Dewitt

Rating: 4/5
Finished On: December 26, 2013

Underneath is a collection of short stories by Dan Dewitt..

1)  HOPE 4/5

A wanderer enters a town, Haber, looking for a person. The location of the town seems familiar to him and he has no idea why?Weather he'll find that person? Read the story to find out.
I loved the story. It was engaging and the ending was what took the trophy home.



It was the first zombie story in the book. It was an okay read. There are zombie's everywhere. When the narrator's best friend Donnie gets bitten by them, the narrator has only two choices-either to run or to die. What will he choose??
Some lines from the story:

The end was getting close. I didn't even try to deny it; i long-jumped over the first four stages of grief and landed right on acceptance

Even near death, it was important to have a goal in mind. Otherwise, what was the damn point?

Two birds , one undead stone.



Ray Dropp finds out that his wife is cheating on him. So after marriage counseling fails he hires, a guy to take care of it. What happens next, you'll have to read the story to find that out.
It was an entertaining story but i found the ending predictable.



The first sentence of the story:
'On a snowy night that might have been Christmas Eve, a desperate man(his name is irrelevant. though John will do) resigned himself to killing his wife.'
It was an awesome story.The only thing that i'll say is read it.
Some lines from the story:
'It's always difficult to argue with your inner voice, your conscience, especially when you are in absolute agreement with it.'



Jarv wheeler and his daughter Dahlia Wheeler are dancing in a father daughter dance. But is this just an normal dance??You'll have to read the story to find out. I loved it and it was on the emotional side.
Great story. 


6) SICKDAY 3/5

It's normal day for Lucas. After dropping his son to the day care he goes to the neighborhood cafe for a cup of coffee. Little does he knows how his mundane day would turn out?
It was another zombie story in the collection.
Some lines from the story:
 'If you'  don't know, that's one of the most annoying parts of being married: the inability to have an original thought. You finish each others sentences, you step on each others jokes, you even know how they're going to a point before other does. It was anything but annoying then.'


7) TIGERS 3/5

It's another zombie story. Actually it takes place in the world of previous story. It' s a description of events from another point of view.This story takes place in Lucas' wife's office. It was an  okay read.


8)  CUPCAKES 3/5

Dorothy  bakes cupcakes. She makes them every Friday for neighbors in the building. It's friday today and she has baked an special batch.
It was also an okay read. The ending of the story was unexpected. I liked the story.


 9) TERROR BY TEXT 2.5/5

This whole story is just a collection of tweets and replies. A username ScaresYou enters an old Sanitarium that's supposed to be haunted. The story is his tweets regarding his experiences there.
I didn't loved the story. It got somewhat confusing for me, that's why a 2.5 stars.



When Carver cole is offered a job as a  security gaurd at Charon and Niflheim Glass company, he takes it reluctantly, little knowing the ground into which he's treading
I loved the story. 

 So the total collection of stories was awesome. There were no duds, the stories range from average to great. As far as i'm concerned my favorite in the collection would be:Hope,One Simple Wish,Father Daughter Dance,How many Days of Luck Am I upto; Anyway?.
 If you are a fan of fiction which contains zombies,surprise twists and other supernatural phenomena, you'll like this book. The link below is of the amazon.com from where you can download the book:

Amazon.in link for Underneath:Short tales of horror and supernatural

Please, feel free to drop me a line about the book if you liked it or not and any other recommendations about another books which you liked.
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