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Just After Sunset by Stephen King

Just after sunset is a collection of thirteen stories by Stephen King. I have always loved the short stories by Stephen King. Most of the stories that are in this collection were great and fun to read.
Overall Rating : 4/5

Finished On: October 2013
Willa 3/5 stars
After a train gets derailed, a group of survivors are left at the station waiting for the pick-up train. Willa is one of the survivors and she knows a truth which others don't.
The gingerbread girl 5/5
After the death of the baby , Emily started running. Atfirst it was threauptic but now it has turned into an obsession. After Henry,her husband tries to stop her,she runs away from him to her father's place at Vermillion key. And here her curiousity leads her in to the hands of a murderer and running is the only thing that will save her. This is one of the best story in the book.
Harvey's dream 2.5/5
This is an average story. Harvey has an dream which sacares the crap out of him. And when he's retelling the dream to his wife, she realises that it's coming true.
Rest Stop 3.5/5
A writer is returning after giving a lecture and decides to take a leak the rest stop. When he goes there,he hears a couple fighting and the boyfriend beating his girl-friend. Before the situation gets out of control he decides to put a stop to it. This also a good story.
Stationary Bike 4/5
Richard Sifkitz is a freelance illustrator. A week after the physical,he's invited by Dr Brady, the physician, who tells him that he'd have to start exercising if he wants to reduce his cholestrol. So taking the advise of the doctor he brings  an stationary bike and starts riding it. Soon he finds out that there are some people who don't him to exercise. This is the creepiest of the stories. Loved it.
The things they left behind 3.5/5
This is Sk's take on 9/11. The premise is simple. If it would have not been for a hunch, Scott Staley would have been in his office when 9/11 happened and therefore dead, as he used to work in the same building. He know's he's lucky but and has a little survivor's guilt. But things start going creepy when   his colleagues' things start appearing in his appartment and no matter how much he tries,he can't get rid  of them.
Graduation Afetnoon 2/5
Janice and Buddy have graduated from high school and they are celebrating at his house.
N  5/5
This story deal with obsessive compulsive disorder. Loved the story.
Jhonny Bonsaint's a psychiatrist who committed suicide. His sister finds his notes about a patient called N,who was suffering from ocd and was last patient of jhonny. She thinks these notes may give clue to the reason why jhonny decided to kill himself, so she send these to Charlie, a noted psychiatrist, to look into.
The cat from Hell 4.5/5
Halston is a contract killer who's has got his weirdest hit. He has to kill a cat who according to his employer has been sent from hell to tormnent him.
The New york times at special bargain rates. 4/5
A women get a call from her husband. Her late husband.
Mute 5/5
A sales clerk finds out that his wife is not only cheating on him but has emblazzoned a lot of money from her work. He offers a ride to a hitchhiker who appears to be hearing impaired and vocally challenged. So finding a sounding board he rants to him about his trouble,little knowing appearences can be deceiving.
Ayana 3.5/5
A blind intruder visits a dying man and save his life with a kiss. But she also gives this responsiblity to his unsuspecting younger son.
A very tight place 4/5
Curtis Jhonson and Tim Grunwald are neighbours who are having troubles among themselves. One day out of the blue Tim calls Curtis to settle their disputes,on Curtis' terms. Curtis agress little knowing what tim has in mind.Loved the story.
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