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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The book of all Power by Edgar Wallace

Rating: 3.5/5
Finished On: 20th of October 2013 
This is the second book by Edgar Wallace that i'm reading. The first one was the angel of terror which i loved.
The first sentence of the book  is
'If a man is not eager for adventure at the age of twenty-two, the enticement of romantic possibilities will never come to him.'
This sentence truly describes what you are going to get in, if you decide to read this book.
The book of all power is a fast paced book which i was unable to put down. It's great and worth a read.
Malcom hay is a 22 year old engineer graduate who's asked to go to russia for working in an oil well of Ukraine oil company. The book is written set in a period when trouble was brewing in russia between the royalty and the common people.There are secret meetings,plans of assasination and Malcom Hay finds himself in the midst of these and in love with a Duchess Irene Yaroslav.
i loved the book and i'll be reading more of the author's works.

The book is in public domain and you can download it from here :
The book of all power project gutenberg link



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