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Carnacki the ghost finder by William Hope Hodgson

Over All Rating 4.5/5
Finished On: 7th of November 2013

Carnacki the ghost finder,first published in 1913, is a collection of six stories by William hope Hodgson depictiing the experiences of Carnacki.
Carnacki is a ghost finder. Often he's called to investigate cases involving hauntings. Some of these hauntings are real and some turn out to be fabricated, and Carnacki is brought to 'lay the ghosts' as the term goes.
The book is in the form of first person narration in which Carnacki calls some of his friends to his place and narrates his encounters.. It's a collection of six stories.

Liked the story. The room was haunted by the ring which served as the gateway for the supernaturwql being to enter to this domain. Carnacki is not like any other ghost hunter. He admits that he's scared of the supernatural things and still his braving  his inner fear to tackle supernatural makes him a cool ghost hunter
Carnacki is called to investigate a room which is haunted by a ghost who murders its occupant and has tendency to flung the sheets off from the bed in the room.

Carnacki is called by his friend Wentworth to investigate his haunted manor where blood starts dripping from the ceiling in the night and two of the tramps that occupied it had been murdered supposedly by the ghosts.

Mr Sid K Tassoc acquires Iastrae Castle about twenty miles northeast of Galway,in Ireland. He's in love with Miss Donnehue and the feelings are reciprocated. But Sid is an outsider and there are other friends of Miss Donnehue who want her affection. So they place a bet that Sid has to stay at Iastrae castle for six months. Said agrees as he doesn't want to look feeble in front of Miss donnehue. When he finds that a room in the castle is haunted and there produces from there a whistling sound then he calls Carnacki to clear the matter ie to find whether it's real haunting or the prank played by rivals to win the bet.

Hisgins' have been cursed that if they have daughter as the first child then harm will come to them by an invisible horse. Seven generations ago five girls have been killed due to this and now after seventh generation again it has occurred. When Miss Hisgins' beau Beaumont is attacked by a ghostly horse,then Captain Hisgins' miss his gins' father,calls Carnacki to look into the cause.

The story takes place a long time ago. Thomas Carnacki was still living with his mother in a rented house. Every went fine for two years when one day he hear a rap on his door and then some odious smell. Soon after that he saw a child running naked between walls and came to know that the house was haunted.

Jarnock's chapel has always housed a haunted dagger which is supposed to
'strike murderously any enemy of the Jarnock family who may chance to enter the Chapel after nightfall'.
They have usually enjoyed the attention that the tale has provided towards their family, but an attack on their old butler  changes the equation. They then call Carnacki to find the truth about the incident in which the butler was supposedly attacked by the haunted dagger.

I like Carnacki, he's a peculiar character. He's afraid of the supernatural things and is not shy to admit it among  his friends as others would have been. His philosophy is:

'And, indeed, as you are all aware, I am as big a skeptic concerning the truth of ghost tales as any man you are likely to meet; only I am what I might term an unprejudiced skeptic. I am not given to either believing or disbelieving things 'on principle,' as I have found many idiots prone to be, and what is more, some of them not ashamed to boast of the insane fact. I view all reported 'hauntings' as unproven until I have examined into them, and I am bound to admit that ninety-nine cases in a hundred turn out to be sheer bosh and fancy. But the hundredth! Well, if it were not for the hundredth, I should have few stories to tell you—eh?'

Loved the collection of stories. All of the stories in the collection were intriguing and mysterious.You'd not regret giving it a go.
You can find the book at the following link :
Carnacki the ghost finder-project gutenberg link

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