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The Dark Hunters - Sherrilyn Kenyon

 Read On Sepetember 8 2020

Edition Details:
Format: Paperback | Page Count: 208 | Adpated by: Joshua Hale Fialkov, Boll Tortolini
Art by: Claudia Campos | ISBN: 9780312376871 | Publisher: Griffin
Series: Dark Hunter #1

Dark Hunter Vol 1

Kyrian of Thrace had everything going on for him. He was heir to the throne, he was brave and women loved him. But then he was betrayed by the one whom he loved and everything changed. Now, Kyrian is an immortal hunter who roams the streets searching for vampires and killing them. He is a Dark Hunter.

All Amanda Devereaux has ever wanted is to lead a normal life. But it seems impossible for her as she is surrounded by her family who all deal with the supernatural entities. But when she gets kidnapped and finds herself chained to Kyrian, she knows she has found herself in the middle of a war and her dream of leading a normal life would now never come true.

Who had kidnapped Amanda? Why was she kidnapped?
What did the kidnappers want from her and why was she chained to a Dark hunter?
Who are Dark Hunters?
My Views:
The Dark Hunters Volume 1 is a manga based on Sherillyn Kenyon's bestselling novel Night Pleasures. Although i had already read this graphic novel in 2012 but when i picked it this time i had no memory of ever reading it. It was when i was checking my Goodreads account that i saw that i had already marked it as read. Since i had no memory of ever reading it, I didn't know what the story was and who the dark hunters were. And so I enjoyed reading this manga as if i was reading it for the first time. The drawback was that i had to get a hang of reading a book from backwards to forwards which took a little bit of time but it was worth it.

The story of Dark Hunters Volume 1 revolves around two main characters Amanda and Kyrian. The book begins with introducing these two characters to the reader and  they see how their lives coincide with each other. There are some creatures who want Amanda and Kyrian dead and we get to see why they want it. We also get to know who dark hunters are and who Daimons are and what beef they have with each other.

I liked Amanda. She's spunky and although initially she comes across as a cry baby but as the story progresses we get to see she can be strong when the situation demands. As we are given a sign that Amanda will play an important role in the ongoing war between the dark hunters and daimons so i would definitely look forward to the changes that she'll go through as the story will progress. Her equation with her family is also entertaining and creates some funny situations. I liked that.

Kyrian is a dark hunter,vampire like immortal creatures who are assigned the task of killing vampires,  and seems to be the best of them. He has his own story of becoming this creature which i liked. He's funny and i liked that. 

The book also has various Greek gods mentioned and some do make an appearance. The world if you are as unfamiliar with it as i was can become little bit confusing but once you get the hang of it you'd like visiting it again. If you have read the novel before then i don't think you'll face any issue.

Acheron is one character in this world here that has piqued my interest. He's the one who trains the dark hunters and although he doesn't make an appearance in this book but the way he's mentioned I would like to read more about him. I know that Sherrilyn has written a novel titled after him so i would try to read it.

Desiderius is the main antagonist of this book. He's dangerous and at least in this book seems to have an upper hand over the Dark hunters. I would love to see how the hunters would deal with him or may be i'll read the novel to get the whole story.

Since this is the first book in the series, so the reader here gets to know about the basic stuff like who dark hunters are, who daimons are and what is their fight about. The author has also given her reason for Daminons wanting to drink human blood and i liked that. It was a new angle on a vampire myth and i have always enjoyed when authors create their own take on a popular myth.

The only thing that bothered me here was that the book sometimes felt a little bit mushy for me Apart from this little thing i enjoyed reading this manga. The story is fast paced and i liked the protagonists so it kept me interested in the book. I liked the world that the author has created and i would love to visit this world again. Also, the story ends at such a juncture that you'd definitely want to know what happened next. 

I liked the art work but since i have no experience in reading manga so i would not comment much on it. I would just say that i was good for a novice like me.

I would definitely look for other works by the Author especially the novels that Sherrilyn has set in the Dark Hunter World.

Rating: 3.5/5

Have you read this book? If you have then how did you find it? 
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