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Kitab Parichay: Rooney's Magical Braid - Dr Runjhun Saxena Subhanand

 About the Book:

Rooney's Magical Braid is a story about a girl named Rooney. She had beautiful hair but she never liked to comb them. The book begins with a conversation between tangled hair and comb. The hair, comb, ribbons are all personified. 

The book also carry illustrations drawn by the author herself. The illustrations carry steps to make those intricate patterns and hence is like a workbook of drawing. It is inspired by childhood experiences and can be easily relatable.

This book helps readers to learn drawing in a fun way along with the entertainment of a story. The patterns are those used for art therapy and helps reduce stress. A mindful art form blended with kids stories, moulds young minds in a creative way.

Currently the book is launched as a short e-book read on Kindle Unlimited. The paperback version is not available yet. It's a book for all ages, but specially for young children.

An Illustration From the Book

Book Link: Rooney's Magical Braid

About the Author:

Dr Runjhun Saxena Subhanand
Dr Runjhun Saxena Subhanand

Dr Runjhun Saxena Subhanand is a dentist with a Masters degree in Oral Medicine and Radiology. She owns her own dental clinic in Mumbai, India. 

She is also a writer and has two published novels to her credit. She won the prestigious president’s award for her stories in Shankar’s International Children’s Competition as a child.  

She has been painting since childhood and often won awards for the same. She works on various media including ink work, water colours, oil colours, fluid art, resin, metal leafing, digital art and others. 

Her book on ‘The Art of Wash Painting’ describes an age old dying coloring technique. She has inclination towards Religion, Mythology, Ancient Scriptures and also practices Buddhism. She is the Founder of Rewind & Recreate, a holistic wellness organisation.

She also does embroidery, crafting, photography and learns to play Sitar.

Follow the author/artist on:

Instagram | Facebook Page | Runjhun Art Works | E-mail | Amazon | Goodreads

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  1. I haven't seen books like this before. Best of luck Dr Runjhun.

    1. Thank you for the mention and wishes. It's an attempt towards mental well-being in a creative way. I hope you enjoy reading and drawing it.


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