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Bound for Home - Jamie Sheffield

Read between 5th July 2020 and 6th July 2020

Edition Details:
Format: E-book
Publisher: Smart Pig
Page Count: 74

Bound For Home - Jamie Sheffield
Bound For Home - Jamie Sheffield

First Sentence:
When Maurice broke into my office and found me asleep on the couch, he pointed a narrow finger dramatically in my direction and actually said, "Aha!"

Tyler Cunningham is the owner of SmartPigs, a one man investigative agency. Tyler has recently moved to Adriondacks and found out that he liked living outdoors. This made him leave his apartment and since then he has been living outside.

When his landlord Maurice comes visiting him, Tyler thinks this is because he has stayed few nights in his office. Tyler thinks Maurice would want him to evict this place too. But to Tyler's surprise Maurice gives him an  offer. Maurice wants Tyler to bring back his granddaughter, Sophie. Apparently Sophie has joined some kind of cult and Maurice thinks this could cause harm to her.

What would Tyler do now? 
Was he able to bring back Sophie?
What kind of cult Sophie has joined? 
What would Tyler have to do to fulfil his promise?
Major Characters:
Tyler Cunningham-  Owner of Smart Pig Investigations
Maurice - Landlord of Tyler
Sophia - Grand daughter of Maurice
John Heimdall - Gatekeeper  of Helgafell farm
Father - The guy who ran helgafell farms 
Cynthia Windmere- Tyler's research assistant

My Views:
Bound for home is a Tyler Cunningham short by Jamie Sheffield. Jamie has written four shorts featuring Tyler and this is second one in the series. Tyler Cunningham is a private detective and this book is about his one of the earliest cases.
I really liked the way Jamie has written Tyler's character. Tyler is very intelligent and doesn't understand normal social norms. This makes him very similar to Sheldon Cooper of Big bang theory but it's here the similarity ends. Unlike Sheldon, Tyler is a bad-ass and wouldn't mind breaking laws to get what he wants. He has his own moral compass. This moral compass does not necessarily fit the societal norms but seems to work for him. This leads him to solve a problem in such a way that would sometimes make you think whether Tyler is a right guy to cheer for but on the other hand it makes you want to see more of him. 

As far as the book is concerned, it is fast paced and gets you invested in it from the start. The book starts with Tyler getting a job for getting an errant grand daughter back to her grand parent and then goes on into becoming a mystery. You get to meet Tyler and understand his present situation. You get to see how weird he is made and how he employs his eccentricities to resolve this problem. This makes up for an engaging read. The only thing that i found off was the number of times the reader is told by Tyler that his mind doesn't work like normal people. I think it's frequency could have been less.

In the end i would say that Bound for home is an entertaining quick read. I enjoyed reading it. If you are looking for a short read with a quirky protagonist then do give it a try. I think you'd like meeting Tyler. 

Some lines from the book that i liked:

I live in a godless world, but worship information and patterns and clarity and answers.

One of the useful things about not understanding human artifice is that i tend to cut through the awkward waiting and misdirection that most humans seem to thrive on.

I don't have friends, never have. I tend to bother people in the long run, and miss social cues that everyone else understands from the age of five.

It has been my experience that most people hate the quiet, and will fill it with anything, even things they shouldn't, if you appear engaged and are willing to wait.

I make up stories and then poke holes in them, and fix the holes and poke new holes, and fix those... and so on, until it feels right.

If i was the kind of person who felt guilty about manipulating people, this would be a good moment for it... but i'm not.

People tend to see their world by routes of travel, and to ignore/discount the unknown.

Rating: 3.5/5
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