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Sunday Ride by G W Boileau

Read on 29th of February 2020

Edition details:
Format:  Ebook
Page Count:  23

Sunday Ride by G W Boileau
Sunday Ride by G W Boileau

First Sentence:
I swung a leg into the air and jumped down on the peg with all my weight.

Griffin is a ghost hunter. He can feel supernatural presence and is often called to tackle these supernatural entities.

But that day, ghosts were the last thing on his mind. It was Sunday and all Griffin wanted to do was go on a long leisurely ride on his motorbike.

And so, once he was finished repairing his bike, he along with his girlfriend's nine year old daughter, Sophia, went for a ride. He had promised Linda that he will take care of her daughter.

It was supposed to be a joyride until the bike broke down and then all hell broke loose.

Sophia went missing.

Where had Sophia Gone? Would Griffin be able to save her? 

My Views:
Sunday Ride is a short story by G W Boileau. This was the author's first work that i got a chance to read.

Sunday Ride introduces you to Griffin. Griffin earns his living by tackling supernatural entities. I liked Griffin. He's an intriguing character and now i want to know more about him. In the story he tells the reader that he wants to make his girlfriend,Linda, feel that he's the responsible type. It shows that he has just begun this relationship with her. We know that he's ghost hunter but apart from it we don't get to know much more about him.

What was he doing before coming to Stockton? Why was he here? When did he come to Stockton? Why did he start Ghost Hunting? And how did he meet Linda, who's a cop? There are the questions that were coming in my mind after i had enjoyed reading this short piece. I would like to find answers to these questions and would definitely love to read a longer work featuring him.

I enjoyed reading this short story. It's thrilling,action packed and keeps you hooked till the end. The antagonists are scary and the author manages to create tension when Griffin is dealing with them. Those scenes are pretty exciting.

There is another aspect of the story that i liked. If you read horror stories then you would know that there are tropes that have now become cliche in such stories. The creaking door,the malevolent ghosts that are often female are some of the tropes that have been used so much that as a reader of horror literature i used to make fun of it. And still they are a staple for any writer. Most writer employ them in one form or other. Here too, G W Boileau uses these two things but what i liked about the author was that he addresses them and gives a proper reason for them.

If you are looking for a good short story to read then do give it a try. You'll enjoy it.

Rating: 4.5/5

If you have read this story then do tell me what were your thoughts about it. 
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