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The Affair of the Hideous Vase by B T Alive

Read on 1st of November 2019

Edition Details:
Format: E-book
Page Count: 66
Publisher: Villette Press

The Affair of the Hideous Vase by B T Live
The Affair of the Hideous Vase by B T Live

First Sentence:
"Are you the woman who's missing the ugly vase?" a deep male voice rumbled.

Stacey's aunt Catherine is coming in two days and Stacey is scared. Her aunt had given  her a vase and someone has stolen it from her office. The vase is ugly but her aunt seems to like it and Stacey doesn't know what her aunt would do if she finds out about the incident. She knows she wouldn't want to face her aunt with this news and hence it's important that she finds out the vase before her aunt arrives.

Jason Flyte is a unemployed guy who lives with Stacey's colleague Trevor. His rent is due and he needs to find some job to ensure he makes the rent. When Jason hears about the missing Vase he knows this is the case that he can crack. And he somehow convinces Stacey to retain him as an investigator.

Where did the Vase go? 
Who would have stolen that hideous thing? 
Why was the Vase stolen? 

These are the questions that Stacey's wants Jason to find out about.

But would sword wielding Jason  be able to find the answers? Stacey doesn't think so.

Major Characters:
Stacey Keenan- A girl whose vase was stolen
Trevor- Stacey's colleague
Forget-me-not- Trevor's dog
Jason Flyte- Trevor's room mate
Aunt Catherine - Stacey's aunt who had given the Vase to her
Narcissa - Stacey's colleague
Wilhem Von Wigstein - Stacey's superviser
Mrs Bagatelli - Stacey's colleague
Mrs Horatio - Stacey's colleague
Belle - Stacey's room mate
Grita - Stacey's room mate
Chlorine- Belle's Dog

The affair of hideous vase is a novella by B T Alive. It's was his first work that i was reading and after reading it i can say that it wouldn't be the last.

The book is full of whacky characters. Most of the characters in this novella are so silly, especially the one present in Stacey's office, and fun that it's treat to read the parts that have them. I would love to work in Stacey's office. It would be something to interact daily with Narcissa, Mrs Bagatelli, Trevor and Chief.

Jason Flyte is another crazy character. He's a detective. The way he carries himself makes him look more like a bumbling fool instead of a capable investigator. And his alacrity towards finding the culprit creates some hilarious situations which increase the entertainment factor of the story. He carries a sword with him and that just seems to add character to him. I would love to see him tackle more complex cases.

Then there is Trevor. He is handsome and most of the girls in the story are all over him but he's dumb as a door-nail I have seen this stereotype in a lot of sitcoms. I wonder where does it come from. Does such type exist there and woman do find them charming? Or is it that the creator of these stereotype just exaggerates their dumbness because he's clearly insecure from the kind of attention they are receiving. I would love to hear a woman's point of view in this.

But in spite of all the lighthearted comedy which is going on in the story, the author has successfully managed to keep the mystery alive till the end. It's a strong mystery novel.The reveal surprised me. And for me that's one of most important quality of a good mystery. The only thing that i can point out is that it would have been more fun seeing the detection in process rather being told about it in the end but then i guess then it would have been difficult to keep the mystery under wraps before the reveal.

In the end i would say that The affair of hideous vase is an enjoyable cozy mystery. At 66 pages one can easily finish it in a single sitting. If you want to read a fun short mystery read then you'd not be disappointed by it.

Rating: 4/5

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