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Oak Avenue by Brandi Reeds

Book was read between 30th of September 2019 and October 1st  2019

Edition Details:
Format: E-book
Page Count: 72
Series: Dark Corners Collection
Price: 43.61 (Free for prime read)

Oak Avenue by Brandi Reeds
Oak Avenue by Brandi Reeds 

First Sentence:
"So how much?" I shift fifteen-month old Sabrina on my hip to shield her from the blazing afternoon sun.

Edison and Anatasia have moved back to Parker's Landing. It's Edison's home town and Edison had always wanted to live near his family. They have moved into an old house and are settling in. The house is special for Edison as he had wanted to live there since he was a child. And now they are finally going to live in. He's happy and he wants his family to be happy.

But the house needs work. Edison has to be in New York for his job and so Anatasia is the one who has to renovate this crumbling place and transform it into something that they could live in. And with a young child and with people who seem to see her only as an extension her husband it's going to be a difficult task.

And then things start happening. Things which Anatasia is finding difficult to explain. It seems there is something wrong with the house. Anatasia can feel it in her bones.

Is something really wrong with the house or  was it Anatasia's tired mind playing tricks on her?

Read the story to find out.

Major Characters:
Edison Clementine - The husband
Anatasia Clementine- the wife
Sabrina - The daughter
Bill The tree man- The guy whom Anatasia had called for clearing their property of dead trees
Terese - Mother of Edison
Sophie Malcom  - president of town's historical society
Cody Granger - A local with whom Eddie didn't see eye to eye

My views:
I enjoy reading stories involving haunted houses and this one was a satisfactory read for me.

A couple moves to an old house and weird things start happening. I mean, what is there not to like. If you are a horror fan then you must have read many stories around this basic idea.

There is a house which is kind of spooky and it has had a history. Over the course of the story, you get to find out what really happened there and then you keep reading to find out how will the protagonists survive. In terms of story this also follows the same arc. But in spite of that it keeps you reading till the end. You want to know what had happened in the house and how the Clementine's would survive the catastrophe which seems to loom over them.

The story is set in  a small American town. I don't know how small town in America are like but i could relate to many things that were shown here. I come from a small town in India and i could see many similarities in the behaviour of people of my town and that of Parker's landing.

I also liked the way the story is ended. It leaves the you hanging and the you can decide for yourself what would happen to the Clementine family.

All in all Oak Avenue is a decent haunted house tale. I enjoyed reading it. It's dark and spooky and keeps your interest till the end.

Rating: 3.5/5

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