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Shaitan(Issue 2 of 4)

Rating : 4/5
Read on 29th of March ,2017

Edition Details:
Format: Paperback
Page Count: 48
Publisher : Holy Cow Entertainment

 For Toy Soldiers : Part 2
Writer: Anirudh Singh
Penciller: Gaurav Shrivastav
Colors: Prasad Patnaik
Cover: Vivek Goel and Prasad Patnaik

For Showcase Book 5- Jambavan
Writer : Anirudh Singh
Penciller: Gaurav Shrivastav(1-6,16)
Cover Vivek Goel

This is 2 issue of the four issue series. You can read about the first issue here:

 Shaitan issue 1 of 2

The story of this issue begins from where it ended in Issue 1. In the group of marines that landed on the island Lena Ariana, first lieutenant, is the only female member. And when they are attacked by monstrosities inside the temple she manages to escape and survive the attack. She's helped by a mysterious guy who appears to be living among these freaks of nature and still surviving.

Who's this guy? Why did he save Lena? Was the whole group destroyed? And from where did these monsters, who attacked Lena's company, came?

I liked the second issue more. Now the Indian twist to the story has come. Major Shaitan Singh is intriguing and i want to know more about him. We are shown some parts of it and i guess that's just tip of the ice berg. I guess we'll know more about that in the subsequent issues.

Art work is great as always. It's dark and i like it.

The story ends in a cliffhanger and you'll be compelled to buy the next issue. I know i am.

This book also includes Showcase Book 5. In Showcase Book 4 we were told the story of Duryodhan. Here we are told an episode about Jambavan and Krishna. We all know from childhood stories that how the fight between Krishna and Jambavan lasted for 28 days and how it ended. (You can read it here in Hindi and here in English. It's a decent tale and i guess you're going to enjoy it. ) This book shows just a part of it.

An English speaking explorer(I guess he may be British or American) is out to find the ancient city of Sarnath. He thinks that this was the place where the people of hindu folklore used to live. Will his expedition succeed? And how will it change him.

This part of the book has been pencilled in two different styles. The present story is not coloured while the past one is coloured. The difference between the styles of art employed for different time zones makes it more fascinating.

I liked the way the story was developed. Although it would have been better if we could have the whole story of Krishna-Jambvan fight. Right now we just get to see the chunk of it. Secondly, some dialogues of this book are in Hindi. Since the whole book is English then it would have been better if the translation to them were provided as footnotes or something like that. As a Hindi speaker i would have preferred Hindi dialogues to be in devnagri and then their translation in footnotes. It would have looked good in the book.

Apart from these two things i liked the way the story is told. Tribal Krishna does look badass. And i want to know what happened to the explorer next?

I'll be collecting other parts of the series soon.

Have you read this series ? What were your thoughts about it?
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