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The Case of the Love Commandos by Tarquin Hall

Rating: 4.5/5
Read Between October 30th, 2016 to November 1,2016

Edition Details:
Format: Paperback
Page Count: 310
Publisher: Random House India
Series : Vish Puri #4

First Sentence:
The Love Commando watched the black Range Rover pull in through the gates of the University of Agra.

Love Commandos are a group of people who have made a mission to help couple who want to break shackles of caste and want to get married even if it means opposing their family wishes.
Ram and Tulsi are one such couple. Tulsi belongs to an upper caste Thakur family while Ram is an untouchable. Love Commandos are successful in rescuing Tulsi from her father, Vishnu Mishra's clutches. Everything is going according to plan and they just have to take Tulsi to Ram so they could get married. But just hours before marriage has to take place Ram gets abducted from the safe house of Love Commandos. It's believed that Vishnu Mishra's behind it as he had promised to kill Ram if he didn't leave the idea of marrying Tulsi.

Has Ram been abducted by him?

Now it's on Vish Puri to find out Ram and why was he abducted?

But Vish thinks negative forces are conspiring against him. He's stuck in a case and for the life of him cannot find the solution. He gets his pocket picked and has to rely on Mummyji's skill to get it back. It would be horrific if people found out that his pocket was picked and with Mummyji he knows that would be the case.

As far as Ram's case is concerned as he delves into it he finds out there are many people who were after Ram. His arch rival Hari Kumar has been engaged to find Ram too; as is a genetics research institute. There are very big forces in play here and Vish Puri would have to defeat them to get to Ram first.

Will Vish Puri be able to get rid of the negative forces that are affecting him? Will Vish Puri be able to find Ram? Who has abducted him? Who has engaged Hari Kumar? And what does a genetics research institute want from Ram?

The fourth novel from Vish Puri has been a satisfying read for me.  It tackles various issues at the same time: Caste system, politics around it and big corporations that can go to any level to get what they want.

The plot is complex and has many twist and turns in it. It keeps you hooked into the story.  We get to see new aspects of Vish Puri's agent Face cream here and get to know more about her.
Not only that for the first time we get to see Hari Kumar who's Vish Puri's nemesis. He's suave, lives lavishly and is more like  James bond. I liked reading the parts where both were trying to out do one another.

Apart from it the problem that i had with previous one ,of Mummyji not having her own case,is not present here. Mummyji finds herself in front of a worthy opponent. She is outdone many times and i think it's that first time that she was made to doubt herself by any one. I have always loved reading about the adventures of Mummyji and Tarquin has done justice to it this time. I loved this segment and it was fun seeing Vish Puri's reaction to Mummyji's success.

Another point that i found interesting is that this is the novel where Vish grows as a person. He has some views regarding traditions that i have found regressive. There are times he appears a male chauvinist although he's a good guy. I can get it that he has lived in a particular society and has been shaped by it. But this case gives him a different experience and helps him grow. I liked that he can change his views.  Most people who are at his age would find it difficult to change.

Would i recommend the book? Yeah, if you are following the series that you should definitely read it. If you haven't read the initial book in the series than also you can read it but i would suggest that you should read the other books in the series first. I loved all of them and i know you wouldn't regret reading them.

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I'm eagerly waiting for the next adventure of Vish Puri. Let's see when the wish comes true.
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