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Fragments of Fear by Michael Keslo

Rating: 3/5
Read between 27th September,2016 to October 3rd,2016

Edition Details:
Format: E-book
Page Count : 76

The book has following stories in it:

1. Siren Song

First Sentence :
Eva's curiosity held her hostage, dragging her to find the source of the haunting song that wafted through the forest.

Eva was an eleven year old girl. She had agreed to go camping because her parents told her that they are going to camp near a haunted forest. This was obviously a lie to maintain her interest or was it?

2. Avian

First Sentence:
"Time of death 8:46 AM."

He was dead. What did he die of makes the content of the story.
I liked the way the story was written. It shows the end and then backtracks to the events leading up to the ending.

3. Fast Food

First Sentence:
"I'm reporting this," Juan shoved a finger in Charlie's face.

Juan was an health inspector. He wanted to get Charlie fired from the slaugherhouse. But one doesn't messes with Charlie. Charlie has got plans for Juan which he's not going to like.

4. Field of Screams

First Sentence:
I love living in the country, away from all the lights.

When you hear the word country what you imagine is a tranquil place without tghe hustle and bustle of city. A photographer would find that there is something more to country than peaceful environment. And that something doesn't likes intruders.

5. Haunted

First Sentence:
I hold the candle in front of me as i creep down the hallway.

He has been feeling a supernatural presence of late. Is the house haunted or there is something else in play here?

6. Invader

First Sentence:
I lay quietly, enveloped in the warm, moist, darkness

There is something that has entered his home. He is scared for his family and his survival. Who are these creatures that have invaded his place? Will he be able to survive?

7. Labels

First Sentence:
"Have you ever stopped and thought about the labels society gives people?"

Society is so quick to judge you. They are quick to label you. Colin too has wanted to give him a new lable and in turn earn one for himself. Will Colin be able to earn his label?

8. Neighborhood Watch

First Sentence:
"Yes, officer, how can i help you?" Lilly said, holding the door partially open.

Neighborhood Watch is a good thing. A police officer wants her to be vigilent and take neighborhood watch seriously. Murders are happening in the neighborhood. Lily's life may be in danger. Will she be attacked?

9. Open

First Sentence:
My tormentor sits beside me, mocking me.

Ben is alone on a life raft. He's been floating in the middle of ocean.He has been wishing for water to drink. But sometimes we should be careful for what we wish for. Ben is going to find that out soon.

10. Puppets

First Sentence:
I stand in line at a grocery store, sharing the same blank stare as the fat woman in the moomoo, the skinny biker with more tattoos than teeth, and worst of all, the young urban Professional in the dark suit.

He hates humanity. And he has found the perfect way to take his revenge.

11. Puzzled
First Sentence:
He finally placed the last piece.

Henry has always been excited by  a good puzzle. He loves the challenge. So, when the lady tells him that it would take a life time for him to solve that particular one, he has to buy it and prove the lady wrong.

12. Quite a Riot!

First Sentence:
The cell block was trashed then barricaded by the inmates.

Riot has occurred in the prison. Juan, David and Sharif, the biggest gang leaders, have found officer Spencer lying in a fetal position. They want to have some fun. And nobody is going to stop them.

13. Safe

First Sentence:
Teirin grabbed the handle and pulled with all his might, but the door stubbornly refused to move.

The safe was what held Oliver's interest. The safe was what made him take the house but the safe has its own past. What's it? Read the story to find out.


First Sentence:
'Sincerely, Douglas T. Forbes Esquire.'

Edna's has been late in payment of his dues. The bank has given her notice. But she want to call the Mr Forbes for tea. She has something sweet planned for him. Will he give her more time to pay her dues?Read the story to find out.

15. Trauma

First Sentence:
Her screams echoed through the empty field.

She has been left by her tormentor. And she's scared he'll be back. Will she be able to survive?

16. Sub-concious

First Sentence:
I stare through the windows of my soul.

He has been acquainted with the monster from a long time. He wants to be free from his clutches. Will he be free?

17. The Exam
First Sentence:
“You're going deaf”, Glenn's wife told him.

Glenn was persuaded by his wife to get his hearing checked. Everything was okay till the exam begined. And then something happened which made Glenn regret the time he let his wife persuade him.

18. Couples Therapy:
First Sentence:
The doorknob rattled.

Karen was hiding in her closet. Somebody is banging on the door. The same guy has been tormenting her from the past two months. Who is attacking Karen? Why are they attacking her?

19. Used Too
First Sentence:
I need to think like normal people, whatever that means.

Who is normal? And what is normal? The narrator is thinking about that. He's about to retire from his job and people think it hasn't affected him. They think he's still normal but is he.

20. Voyeur
First Sentence:
Brian shrieked as he regained consciousness.

Brian has been kidnapped. He's in a bad shape but that's not the worse thing that has happened to him. There are things planned by his tormentor that would make Brian wish he wasn't born. Who's the tormentor? And why is he doing this? And what he has planned for him.

The collection contains 20  stories. Each story is about 500 words or less and so takes less than 5 to 10 minutes to read. I liked most of the stories in the collection. They were a quick read and i enjoyed them in between work or while waiting for the bus. If you don't have much time but you want to read then you should definitley check out this collection as each story wouldn't take too much of your time. And if you have time then these stories can act like a break between your longer reads.
I'll definitely check out longer works by Michael.
If you have read the collection then do tell me what did you think about it. If you have read other works by the author and want to recommed something by him then do tell me that too.
And if you haven't then you could get the book from the following link:

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