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Gladiators Vs Zombies by Sean Michael Argo

Rating : 3/5
Book read on 6th of August 2016

Edition Details:
Format : E- book
Page Count : 139

First Sentence:
The rabbi Ezekiel looked out across the battlements towards the vast roman army, his gaze moving across the earthworks and tents of the amassed legions, falling finally upon the massive wooden platform the Romans had constructed.

When Centurion Cyprian Africanus was chosen to lead a attack on  the rebel encampment little did he know he was going to lead his army to battle with somethings that were not human. He goes and fights and wins. But he pays a price and brings back with him something that he thinks is worth it. And then the games start. Games that promise to be a lot different than what people of Rome have watched. The living fighting the dead. Gladiators Vs The Zombies.
What will happen next? Who will win? And what price Rome will have to pay for this?

It was an entertaining book to read. I've never been interested in zombies personally. I'm more of a vampire and werewolf kinda guy but it was Gladiators that grabbed my attention. I had seen the Spartacus series and thought to give it a try. And i'm glad i did it.
There was one thing though.There are times when the reader is shown just fight between Zombies and various types of gladiators. There are chapters after chapters devoted to it and in those chapters the main story tends to get lost. I got a little bored after few fights. I wanted to know how the story was progressing. This was the only thing i found some what annoying in the book.
If you are interested in Gladiators or Zombies then you'd find it a thrilling read. If you have read the book do tell me what were your thoughts and if you haven't then you can get the book from the following link:
If you have recommendations in this genre than do tell me about them.
Happy reading!!!
Some lines from the book:
There was a freedom in being a gladiator, his father used to say, for us there are no nations, or gods, or gold. We fight because we must, for no cause beyond glory, and so what victories we win in the arena are pure, and belong to us.
Heraus had never seen a Roman, though he knew of them from tale and song. Small men from the lands near the sea, who fought like devils and worshiped an iron eagle. He had never killed a man, and was just barely one himself, yet with the vigor and courage of a youth he pledged his ax.
The crowed that had so loved Octavian while he yet lived cheered ever so more loudly as he died.

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