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Dark Hall Press Ghost Anthology

Rating: 3/5
Read between March 19th 2016 to April 20th,2016
Edition Details:
Format: E-Book
Publisher: Dark Hall Press

The collection contains following stories:

1)Two, close keeping 3/5

First sentence:
The only ghosts are the ones we leave behind.

Do ghosts exist? And if they do can they see us?May be we are as invisible to them as they are to us?The living and the dead sharing the same space but living in different worlds. When the narrator sees the ghost of his loved one, he finds that she can't see him or feel him. But he needs to share a life with her. Would he. able to make his presence known to her?

When i downloaded this collection i thought i'll get to read creepy ghost stories but the first story of the collection has changed my expectations.
It's a beautiful  and a sad story. The loss of ones loved ones is always painful but we tend to move on after a time. This is because we know they have gone and all we have got of them is memories. But if we could find out that they exist but in a different world than ours. And it's possible to make them our presence known then most of us would want to make contact with them. But would it  be good? I don't think so. 
Right now the story ends on a very mushy note but i would have liked to know what happens to them after a few years.


When people part ways, when we fall out of love, when we die- we leave ghosts. And isn't that enough?Empty halls and half-empty beds are far more haunting than chain-rattling apparations.

We knew this was our home now. Whatever filled our days to come, we would return to share nights of music and a strange togetherness as ghosts to one another. This would be our home, and we would tend it together.

2)House bound by Glenn james 2.5/5

It wasn't a comfortable house even to look at, even from the opposite end.

Tucker and Jayne wanted a nice house and when they found it they ignored the feeling of amiss that was emanating from it. 
But soon they found out that they shouldn't have ignored the sense of foreboding.
What will happen to Tucker and Jayne? 

I liked the story. This is the kind of ghost story that i like. It's creepy and you want to know what happens next.

3)A speck of truth - Jacob Lambert 2/5

First sentence:
He slammed the door and leaned against it, his trembling fingers twisting the deadbolt, setting the chain, then gripping the wooden frame.

He's a con. He has done murders and other bad things in life. He not guilty of it. But he starts getting afraid when spots start appearing before his eyes. And something is happening to him. He is feeling afraid.
What's the cause ?And what will be consequences?
It was an average story. There are ghost but the way the narrator is they could easily be his figment of imagination. I think it lacks that feeling of dread and so doesn't makes that much of an impact.

Even when she fell over, her wide stare never left his face, never ventured below, to the wound. Maybe it was just denial, he thought, that kept people from looking. Nobody wants to admit it's over....not even when it's actually happening.

4)Again and Again by Morgan Crooks 2.5/5

First Sentence:
"So,what you're saying," Vincent tapped his chin with his pen,"is that this kid knows Wiklund is a Bandersnatch."

Agent Harlan Jules worked for the order, which in turn kept tabs on the creatures which were supposed to be mythical but were real. One such character was wilkund, a bandersnatch, who could take in anyone's identity. The order was given the job to keep the identiy of these creatures hidden from public. Now, a humanities student was nearer to uncover the identity of Wilkund. And there were two choices for Jules either let Wilkund take care of Gus which would not be pretty for Gus or take care of wilkund, which the order didn't permit. What will he do?Will he have to sacrifice Gus' life?

The story was good but it would have been better if it would have been written as a novella. There is a new concept here of order and mythical characters  and not much information is given about the world this story takes place in. I had to assume a lot of things like how Jules ended up being part of this order, what is the order and why it was formed.  IMHO it would have been better if the order would have been explained a little bit. Right now the order seem like a fusion between a police force and an corporation.  I would like to read a novel set in this world and i think if would read this story it wouldn't appear as incomplete as it's appearing to me now.

When someone's job was sitting around waiting for you to screw-up, they usually weren't disappointed.

5)The stillness by Marie Robinson 3/5

First sentence:
I had never seen the place before.

When by chance he saw the place hidden by the shrubs he thought he had found a hidden beautiful place. He was to find out soon how wrong he was??
I liked the story. Creepy ghosts whose aim is to take you into the their world. I enjoyed reading it.

Some sentences from the story:
I found beauty in everything that day, for i saw in everything my own joy and my beloved's elegance.

6)Tom Roan's Widow by Darin Kennedy 3/5

First Sentence:
Sam sat at the corner of the Watering Hole's patio and peered out across the rolling hills of Butler, Tennessee as the daylight faded

Sam is at Butler for contractual work related to the dam. While sitting at the Bar after a day's work  a beautiful stranger tells him a tale about Tom Roan and his widow. He thinks it's her eccentric way of flirting. And he feels he could succeed in scoring with her.
Would he?
It was a fun read.

7) Nina by John Mclveen

First sentence:
The tenement was by far the oldest of the abandoned buildings they had considered for renovation.

Andrea is an interior designer who used to work for Fred. Fred's main job was to acquire old buildings and refurbishing them. Andrea used to see handle this department and for one of the job had gone to this department. She was surprised to hear a child's voice in such a decrepit building. And the surprise was just beginning.

The story was good but it reminded me of an episode of a Twilight zone. I wouldn't say why because that would give away the plot and you wouldn't be able to enjoy it as well as i could.Read the story and see if you could also see the similarity.

8)Letters to Mirabella by Tim Baylis 3/5

First Sentence:
The year is 1804, turmoil reigns on the European continent.

The europeon continent is being ravaged by wars. Mirabella's fiancee is a soldier who has gone to fight. He has promised her he will come back and till then she has his letters to console herself.
But war devours such promises. Will he keep his promise?

It was a sweet and emotional story. 

9)Silver Darlings by Margaret Whitlock 2.5/5

First Sentence:
On the end of the headland stands a solitary figure.

Angie has come to Sutherland to complete her writing but her boyfriend is making the stay difficult for he. He is insufferable. Now, she wishes Colin would have gone away from his life. But sometimes one should be careful about what they wish for?

I liked the story.

10)Vulture by Victoria Dalpe 2.5/5

First Sentence:
The funeral ended and the bereaved scattered.

When the funeral ended, all he was left with was pain. But then she came. She held him and gave him an offer. What was it? What did she want? And why did he termed her as Vulture.
It was an okay story.

If i have to sum up the collection, it was a mixed bag. I liked reading it although i would have loved it more if there would have been more creepy stories in it. You can get the book from the following link:
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