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Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Locksmith's daughter by Anthony Chatfield

rating: 3.5/5
finished on: 31st of December 2013

The locksmith's daughter is a short story by Anthony Chatfield. i downloaded the kindle edition of the story as it was available for free download. It is a detective fiction set in a new fantasy world. From the story one could gauge that the city is divided into two parts Lower city and the upper city. in lower city we have a PI, Brutus Weaver. When Igor Ericsson's daughter is kidnapped he goes to Brutus for help. Will Brutus would be able to save the girl?

I really liked the short story and it has piqued my interest in the world of Brutus Weaver. I would really like to read a novel featuring Brutus Weaver. The story was fast and gripping.Download it if you want something short and entertaining for reading.

You can download the book from the following link:
Amazon link for The locksmith's daughter

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