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Desperation by Stephen King

Rating 5/5
Finished On :November 2013

Desperation is a   novel by Stephen King.I was hooked to the book from the first line and found it difficult to stop. 

Desperation is a copper mining town at a distance of eight miles from the Highway 50 the loneliest highway in America. And Strolling this highway is the local cop Coolie Entragian who captures an assortment of people on different pretexts and takes them to Desperation. On reaching desperation the people find the town abandoned and that something sinister and evil has taken abode in the town. The only hope of these people is an eleven year old boy who claims he's taken to God and  that prayer will solve their problems.
The book was really creepy with a lot of creepy scenes....

" 'Trooper? No i didn't say that.' The big man behind the wheel still sounded as if he were smiling. 'Not a state trooper, a town cop'.
' Really?', Ralph said. 'Wow, how many cops do you have in a little place like this, Officer?'
'Well, there were two others', the cop said, the smile in his voice more obvious then ever,'but i killed them.'
He turned his head to look back through the mesh and he wasn't smiling after all. He was grinning. His teeth were so big they looked more like tools than bones. They showed all the way back to his mouth. Above and below them what seemed like acres of pink gums.
'Now, I'm the only law west of the Pecos.'
Ralph, stared at him, mouth gaping. The cop grinned back, driving with his head turned, pulling up neatly in front of the Desperation municipal Building without ever looking once at where he was going.
'Carvers,' he said, speaking solemnly through his grin,'Welcome to Desperation.
'Please',she whispered.'Please,just tell me what you want.,
'Uck',he said grimacing, and reached into his mouth like a man who's got a hair on his tongue. Instead of a hair he pulled out the tongue itself. He looked at it for a moment, lying limply in his fist like a piece of liver, and then tossed it aside

It was the dining room. The family had been about to eat what looked like the evening meal- although not this evening's meal she saw that right away.There were flies buzzing over the pot roast, and some of the slices were already supporting colonies of maggots. The creamed corn had congealed in its bowl. The gravy was greasy clot in its boat.
Three people were seated at the table: a woman, a man, and a baby in a high chair. The woman was still wearing the full-length apron in which she had cooked the meal. The baby wore a bib which read i'M A BIG BOY NOW. He was slumped sideways behind hios tray, on which were several stiff-looking orange slices. He regarded Cynthia with frozen grin. His face was purple. his eyes bulged from  puffy sockets like glass marbles. His parents were equally puffed. She could see several pairs of holes on the man's faces, small ones,almost hypodermic sized,one set in the side of his nose.
Several large rattlesnakes were on the table,crawling restlessly among the dishes, shaking there tails. As she looked the bodice of the woman's apron bulged. For one moment Cynthia thought the woman was still alive inspite of her purple face and glazed eyes, that she was breathing and then a triangular snakes's head pushed up through the ruffles, and tiny black buckshot eyes looked across at her.

 This is the second time i read this book and loved it till the end.
I'll recommend it to any SK fan or horror fan as it literally gave me the nightmare when i read it first. Its one of the few SK books that i've found creepy and it's one of them.
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