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Monday, December 2, 2013

Uncle Musto takes a mistress by Mohan Sikka

Finsihed on:November 28th 2013
Awards: 2009 PEN/O. Henry Prize
I came across the works of Mohan Sikka through the movie B A Pass. I loved the movie and when i came to know that it was based on the short story  viz The Railway Aunty. I ordered the anthology Delhi Noir and while browsing for author's more work i came across this short story. So i bought it.

Although based in Delhi this story has  entirely different theme.
 Sanju is a ten year old kid,who has to move to his grand parents house,as his parents were abroad.  In the neighborhood lives Musto, Sanju's mothers cousin. He has kept a secretary, Rose, and there is a rumor that he's carrying on an affair with her. The incidents that follow this are narrated by Sanju and how this transforms his opinions.
'Before i would hide she approached me. ' How are you Sanju beta? What news from your mummy papa.' The pan stains, i noticed, were gone from her lips. She looked at me so kindly i smiled back without thinking. I was about to answer when i remembered what grandma had called her: a common prostitute. I made my face hard and walked brusquely past on the sidewalk.'

The story was an engaging read.I liked the story.

You can get the book from the below link:
Uncle Musto takes a mistress

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