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Solstice by Damian Stevenson

Rating :3.5/5
Finished On: 24th of November 2013

Solstice  is a thriller  novella by Damian  Stevenson.
Dana Barnes is an aspiring writer. When the story opens she  chrcks herself into Expedition House ,a psychiatrist center, on the advice of her therapist. After finsihing her stint at the centre she along with her boyfriend starts w trip to her brother in laws farm. Things start going bad for her when her boyfriend vanishes from the motel where she was staying and cops seem to believe that the boyfriend in question is a figment of Dana's imagination.
The book was entertaining. The story was fasr paced and it keeps you reading. The onlything that marred the experience of reading was the shoddy editing in th end of the book. There were some mistakes that served as a bumps in between an enjoyable and smooth reading experience.
for example:

"So you're sister's depressed,checks herself into rehab,psych ward, what have you."

'Zoe looked outside.She saw the stationary police wagon but no Reese. "Where's deputy Reese?"
Fisher looked guilty. Ruse up. Zoe stormed out and upstairs.'

'Later there were charging triumphantly through thick grass,two flags in hand.'

'He placed his rough hands on her,shows her how to use the knife safely with smooth and controlled downward strokes.'

And that's why instead of 4.5 stars i give it 3.5 stars. But in spite of this the book is worth reading as the story is really good. I would like to other works by this author.

Quotes from the book:

'She watched bad TV at night and read books. There wasn't anyone telling her to restock shelves. No Facebook with envious  post from people with better lives. She felt at peace.'

'Take my advice,throw the pills away, fall in love and have a baby. I wish i had done that.'

'There was some truth to what the cynics said, she reflected negatively, unable to resist the impulse: Sometimes all it took was one event to show you how alone in the world you were.'

'Soren used to say that man, despite his artistic pretension, his sophistication and his many accomplishments owes his existence to s six-inch layer of topsoil and the fact that it rains.'

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