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The Adventure of Christmas Pudding - Agatha Christie

 Read on November 14th 2020

Edition Details:
Format: E-book | Page Count: 32 | Series: Hercule Poirot #33 | ASIN: B08NHLJC3G | Publisher: A C Press

Review: The Adventure of Christmas Pudding by Agatha Christie

First Sentence:
"I regret exceedingly-" said M. Hercule Poirot.


It's Christmas time and Hercule is in Kings Lacey, apparently, to experience the traditional English countryside Christmas.

The whole Lacey family is there in King's Lacey and everything is supposed to be festive.

But it's not. The family members have their own issues and there's friction between them. 

Meanwhile, Hercule has been warned by some mysterious person to stay away from the Christmas Pudding. There is someone who seems to know the real reason of Hercule's visit and that person doesn't want Hercule to succeed.

Why is Hercule really visiting King's Lacey? 

What is wrong with the Christmas Pudding? 

Who is the mysterious person that has warned Hercule? 

Was Hercule able to get what he wanted?

Major Characters:
Mr Jesmond - Representative of an Eastern Prince
Colonel Horace Lacey- Kings Lacey's owner
Mrs Em Lacey - Horace's wife
Colin - Mrs Lacey's grand son
Michael - Colin's friend
Sarah - Mrs Em Lacey's grand daughter
Edwina Morecombe - Sarah's grandmother
Bridget - Mrs Lacey's great niece
Diana Middleton - Lacey's cousin
David Welwyn - Lacey's family friend
Desmond Lee Wortley - Sarah's friend 
Mrs Ross - The cook
Peverell - The butler
Annie Bates - Mrs Ross's help

My Views

The Adventures of Christmas Pudding is a number 33 of Hercule Poirot Mysteries.The book begins with Hercule being asked to go to a country side at Kings Lacey's on the pretext of attending a traditional English Chirstmas. The reader gets to know early on why it's necessary for him to visit Kings Lacey and as a reader you want to see what would not happen at Kings Lacey..

The rest of the story occurs at Kings Lacey. The reader is introduced to the rest of the characters and things start happening there which would pique anyone's interest and would make them want to read the complete story.. 

Here, i would like to say that it's not a very complicated mystery. The reader knows why Poirot is there and one can easily guess who the culprit would be. There is not much detecting to be done by Poirot but things keep happening around him in such a way that you would like to see how everything gets resolved in the end.

Although it's supposed to be a mystery but for me there were other elements in the story that i liked much more than the mystery part. I liked Em's character and the way she deals with her grand daughter's issue. There is a part where she is discussing this issue with Poirot and i enjoyed reading it. She's a clever parent and i hope most parents would be like her. They would be able to deal with their kids without alienating them.

I also liked the plan that the kids set up for Poirot and how it turns out for them. It was fun reading the way the whole thing is described especially the kid's reactions. It reminded me of my childhood when i used to  play pranks like that on my cousins.

In the end i would just say that it is a very Christmassy read that underlines not only the importance of family but also the importance of celebrating festivals along with the family.

If you are looking for short feel good read then you'd definitely like it. 

Rating: 3/5

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