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The Wish - Catherine Stowall

Read between April 22nd 2020 and April 23rd 2020

Editon Details:
Format : E-book
Page Count: 37
Publisher: CLS Publications

The Wish - Catherine Stowall
The Wish - Catherine Stowall

First Sentence:
Caroline Adams took a deep breath and sent out all her hopes and dreams as her quivering hands pushed the 'Send' button.

Caroline Adams is an struggling writer whose only wish is to be on the best seller list. She has tried very hard but all she has got is rejection for her effort. She hasn't been able to get her book published. She's trying once again and has wished with all her heart to give anything to get her wishes granted.

And then she sees a dream. A dream where she has made a pact with someone. And that someone has assured her that she will get her heart's desires fulfilled but for only twenty years. After twenty years, she would have to leave everything and  that someone would come to collect. The deal looked irresistible and she said yes.

And then she woke up. 

Did she really saw a dream or was the pact real? 
Did she get her heart's wish? 
What happened  to her twenty years later?

Major Characters:
Caroline Adams - A struggling writer 
Rodger - Caroline's husband
Dr Lambert - Caroline's physician
Phil - Caroline's Agent

My View:
Each and every one of us has a deep desire that we want to get fulfilled. What if we could be given a chance to make it true for a particular time and then after that time we had to let it go.Would we be satisfied with that? This is the question that this novelette ask us to ponder.

The wish by Catherine Stowall is a novelette that would hit chord with most struggling writers or for that matter any artist. There is this dream in any artist to make it big. The reason for making big may be money and fame at first but is it really so? Caroline finds it out the hard way.

You are pulled into the story from the start. The fact that the lead character is dependent on prescription drugs and booze gives it a hazy feeling. As a reader you are reading what's happening to her and there are doubts in your mind that whether it's because of the mysterious pact or because her drug and booze addled mind has finally given up. Superstitions can be bad and there are ample examples in history where if people have believed something than they are wired to see everything that's happening around them as a result of their belief. There are time when you tend to feel this is the case with Caroline and thus you keep reading to find out what the truth is and how it would end for her.

The story is short but it keeps you hooked till the end. I could feel for Caroline. There are very small amount of people who are able to make it big by doing what they love doing. And so it's natural for them to want to do it forever.  And so her struggle to keep doing what she wants to do moves you. Some readers may feel that she had got her boons worth. She could have just retired happily. But that's easier said than done.

Yes, the story is predictable. There are many stories about the deals with the devil gone wrong. I have been watching Supernatural off late and in that series only there are many episodes which are written around this concept. I knew what would be the end but the portrayal of Caroline makes it different and more interesting.

This story is not only about Caroline but it's also about her husband. We also see what they have to go through because of what's going on in Caroline's life. At the end of the day our actions always have consequences and we are not the only one that have to face those consequences. Our loved ones too are affected by it. We need to remember that. Sometime we are so into fulfilling our desires that we forget that single thing and end up hurting not only us but our loved ones too.

The wish was an gripping short piece of fiction which i enjoyed reading. Do give it a try.

Rating: 3/5

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