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Rattled by Jude Hardin

Read between August 3rd 2019 and August 4th 2019

Edition Details:
Format: E-book
Page Count: 45 pages
Series: Nicholas Colt
Price: 71rs(Free for kindle Unlimited)

Rattled by Jude Hardin
Rattled by Jude Hardin

First Sentence:
It's has been twenty years since i'd picked up a hitchhiker, so naturally i chose the one carrying a rattlesnake in a coffee can.


Colt was out on an errand when he saw him.

It was Colt's birthday and his wife,Juliet, had sent him out to buy red grape fruits for her. Colt knew it was only a pretext to get him out of house. His wife had planned a surprise birthday party for him and didn't want him to know.

The man was in his sixties and looked harmless. This was the reason why Colt, who normally didn't give a ride, decided to give him one.

He shouldn't have.

Who was the old man? What did he want? 

Major Characters:
Nicholas Colt - A private Investigator
Juliet- Colt's wife
Lloyd- A sixty year old man
Martha- Llyod's wife
Linda - A young woman

My Views:
I enjoyed reading Rattled by Jude Hardin. The premise of psychotic hitchhiker is something that have been done a lot of times but in spite of that Rattled keeps you hooked till the end. 

People can be very unpredictable. They may look a certain way but then could act in an entirely different manner. Most of the time we make assumptions about people by just looking at them. If they are old we automatically think that they must be harmless. But if we think about it then we usually don't have a clue as to what kind of life that old guy must have lived. He may have been a criminal and even in his old age could be capable of committing crimes. The same thing happens with Colt too. He too assumes and then pays the price.

Llyod and Martha are interesting characters. But they are shown the way they are. There is no subterfuge there. You know from the start that they are psychotic. I think if their real characters could have been kept hidden and used as plot twist then the story could have been better. It would have made the story little bit longer but it would have been worth it. Right now they are out in the open and there is no element of surprise there.

I found Colt to be an interesting character. I got to know interesting tidbits about him and the life he has led. He was a rockstar at some point of his life. He has been a PI but has lost his licence in a drug bust. These little details that are told in the middle of the story made me want to know more about colt and his life. Since this story has been written for that purpose only, so i think it serves it's purpose.

I would definitely like to read a longer work featuring colt. I already have few novels of Nicholas Colt series which i'll read soon.

If you are looking for short thrilling scary read then go for it. But i must warn you, after reading it, you wouldn't want to give someone a ride ever again.

Some lines from the story that i liked:

Hitchhiking is a dangerous business, on both ends. If you're the driver, you never know who you're going to pick up. If you are the hitchhiker, you never know who's going to be behind the wheel. It's like a Russian roulette. You might get lucky, or you might get a bullet in the brain.

When people become agitated, they don't think clearly. When they don't think clearly, they make mistakes.

Rating: 2.5/5

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