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Small Disturbances - R J Derby

Book was read between May 6th,2019 and May 8th,2019

Edition Details:
Format : E-book
Page Count: 33
Price:  208 rs (Free with Kindle Unlimited)

Small Disturbances - R J Derby
Small Disturbances - R J Derby

Small Disturbances by R J Derby is a collection of three stories . The stories collected in this collection are:

Icy Rent
First Sentence:
It was always the same.

Mark has not been able to forget her. It's been two years since Mark's wife has left him but for Mark the pain is still there. He still remembers her. He thought the pain and the longing would have abated by now but nothing like that has been the case.

Why couldn't Mark not move forward? Why did Mark's wife left him?

Icy Rent was a very creepy read for me. It starts of like a normal revenge tale. You know, wife has affair, leaves guy and the guy goes crazy. While you are reading you kind of know what Mark has done.You get an inkling but when the reason is revealed you tend to stop and think how crazy humans can be. I definitely didn't saw that coming.

I know it's a fictional story but i could see something like this happening in real life. And that thought makes your spine tingle with fear. An entertaining read that i loved.

Rating : 3.5/5

It All ends in time
First Sentence:
'A haunted house, Mrs Hunter, is believed to contain ghosts, poltergeists or even, perhaps on a more twisted level,evil entities such as demons.'

Mabel Hunter is a real estate agent who has asked Paul Sawyer to look into the house that she's been trying to sell. The house has been known to have some weird stuff going around in it. People say it's haunted. Paul Sawyer investigates haunted places and decides whether they are so or not.

Was this house really haunted? What were the sources of weird disturbances occurring there?

I have always liked haunted house stories. They are more fun to read. This one also was great. The interests pick up from  the start. You could see Paul is able to feel the presence and then you keep reading as to find out what will happen next. What is the source of those weird occurrences? There is the twist which makes the story more creepy to read. Old houses do have their secrets and sometimes it's better to leave the bolted doors bolted.

Rating: 3.5/5

Gardens of Oppressed Plagues
First Sentence:
In the Gardens of Oppressed Plagues, near the arena of forgotten souls that charmed her heart with the likes of grave sorrow, the Lady Mais, alone in the peacefulness of herself, danced upon the Lang Lagoon.

Lady Mais had been punished by the Gods. She has been sentenced to remain the keeper of the Lang Lagoon for eternity. Her spirit was to float on the waters of the Lagoon.

Why was she punished? What was her crime?

This is the last story in the collection. The language of this story is lyrical and it has fantastical elements in it. The story is set in a realm which is not on earth.

But i couldn't care for it. The concept of forbidden love is so old and repeated. Plus, there was nothing creepy about this story. I guess it was not my cup of tea.

But i would like to add that even though i thought this story was an okay read , but  i was drawn towards the world that the author has created here. He has just shown us a glimpse of the world and  I would love to know more about it. This world has Gods, fallen kings,betrayal and repercussions.  These are more than enough to pique my interest in it. I would love to read a longer work set up in this realm.

Rating: 2/5

Overall, it was a decent collection of stories out of the three stories in the collection  i loved two and the third one although was an okay read but it  had something that interested me.

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Overall Rating: 3/5

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