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The Patriarch by Brandon Massey

Book was read between 15th of Febraury 2019 and Febraury 16th,2019

Edition Details:
Format: E-book
Page Count: 99

The Patriarch by Brandon Massey
The Patriarch by Brandon Massey

First Sentence:
Before I tell you how i learned the truth about my family, there's one thing you must understand and accept, here and now.

Daniel is a successful writer. His books are well appreciated. He has a beautiful girlfriend whom he loves and wants to marry. He has everything going on for him but there is something that has always has been troubling him at the back of his mind. He has always felt he's different from the rest of the people. He feels there is something he should know but he has been denied that information. This feeling of incompleteness is something that is starting to affect his love life.

He believes that this information is something that would make him whole. So, when he gets the opportunity he decides to dig deeper into his family history. He feels that is the only way he's going to get his answers. And now, he along with his girlfriend have decided to take a road trip to his family home.

Why does Daniel feel he's different than the others?  
Was this feeling true or some figment of his overactive imagination? 
Will he get his answers? 
Main Characters:
Daniel Booker - A crime Novelist 
Grandma Ruth - Daniel's grand mother 
Asha - Daniel's girlfriend 
LaToya - Daniel's cousin
Aunt Lillie - Daniel's Grand mother's sister
Trey and Jomarian - LaToya's sons
Grandpa Orin - Daniel's ancestor
Bruno Jackson- Daniels's schoolmate
Sandy Clark - Daniel's literary agent

I enjoyed reading The Patriarch by Brandon Massey. The novella with it's gripping story line grabs the reader from the start and holds their attention till the end. There are no boring parts. Brandon makes efficient use of back-flashes to Brandon's life  to create enough interest in the reader so that he keeps reading the book. The story although revolves around Daniel and his search for answers  but there are other elements apart from that which add more mystery to the novella. These elements make sure the thrill quotient is always high.

I liked the world that Brandon has created. The myth that he has weaved around the Patriarch is intriguing. I would love to know more about that world. Brandon here gives us a hint that there is something terrible brewing in that world and i would love to know what it is? I hope that story is a full fledged novel. I would definitely love  reading that one.

The only thing i didn't like was the end. It felt like if someone shows you a glimpse of something very exciting and when you want to see more then he somehow closes that door and goes away with the key. Now you are stuck behind the door wondering what would that world be like. What must be happening there? It's kind of frustrating. I had thought Daniel would somehow be involved in the Patriarch's world. He would have had some bigger role to play but right now the way novella ends it doesn't seem so. He gets his answers and see the world in a different light now but every other thing is normal for him. I hope Daniel has also some role to play in those bigger events.

If you are looking for something fast paced, mysterious with a tinge of supernatural then you'd not go wrong with this one. I enjoyed reading it and i hope you'd do too.

My rating: 4/5

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