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Sledge - Alec John Johnson

Read between March 6th,2019 and March 7th, 2019

Edition Details:
Format: E-book
Page Count: 64

Sledge - Alec John Johnson
Sledge - Alec John Johnson

First Sentence:
It wasn't supposed to be like this.

After finishing his college Allen had thought that he was sorted for life. He thought he would be getting a job and would be moving ahead in life. How wrong was he?

Allen was not able to find a job for almost a year. His father was forcing him to work and Allen had to join a retail store. He had come to hate his life when the phone call came.

Brockford Construction was  a  billion dollar company. It would be  dream for anyone to work there. So, when Allen got an opportunity to work in the company, he didn't waste a moment in saying yes to the offer.

The interview went great and he was welcomed in to the Brockford family. He was finally getting what he wanted. He was finally getting a start to a wonderful future.

But was he?

Major Characters
Allen Kennedy- The Protagonist
Jeremy Turner- Allen's friend
Rich  Turner- Jeremy's older brother
Steve Carelli - Director of finance, Brockford Construction
Eric Carson - Director of Humar Resources, Brockford Construction
Mr Brockford - Owner of Brockford Construction

Sledge is a novella by Alec John Johnson. I liked the premise of the book.

It starts with Allen getting desperate for a job and hence takes a job in spite of feeling something weird there. The reader feel his desperation. I could relate to Allen as many of my friends were not able to secure job after graduation too. They had to wait for an year or more to get the job they wanted and by then they were ready to take whatever came their way. I could feel the pressure that Allen was feeling.

The exciting part of the book starts when Allen finally gets the dream job. As you read you get to know there is something wrong with the whole set up. There are things that Allen is noticing which are weird. The people are behaving in a weird way. With Allen you too are curious as to find out why everyone is behaving the way they do and once you find out then you understand what Allen has lead himself too. You feel pity for him and wait for him to see how will he react to the situation.

Although, i didn't like the way Allen reacted to the situation. It was so because if i would have been in his place i wouldn't have reacted the same way.  If i knew i was against something so crazy and so powerful i would have taken precautions to save myself. I would have used social media. and anonymity that it offers to raise my voice. My main focus would have been to make sure i survive the situation. Allen didn't. The step that Allen takes was something i would have never done. It was foolish and he pays the price for that step.

Anyways, it was fun chilling read. It had some crazy moments and i loved reading those. I wish the ending could have been better. It felt rushed now. The could have been more confrontation there. The side that wins, won too easily. I would have liked the fight to be stretched a little bit. It would have been fun to read that. Everything felt too quick now.

I would like to end my mentioning that most companies do conduct exit interviews now a days. I'm really glad they are nothing like how Mr Brockford conducts his.

My rating: 2.5/5

If you have read this book then do tell me what did you feel about it. If you haven't then you can get this book from following link:
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