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Pound: An Extreme Horror Tale of Sex, Blood, & Fast Food by Shaun Hupp

Read between January 30,2019 and January 31 2019

Edition Details:
Format : E-book
Page Count: 84

Pound by Shaun Hupp
Pound by Shaun Hupp

First Sentence:
"Honey? Hell-ooooo? Terry, are you home?"

When Trish had returned home during the day, she had something kinky on her mind. She knew her husband wouldn't be at home and so she could get what she desired. And right now what she desired was Grant. And she was sure Grant desired her too.

Matt was home alone. His parents had gone shopping and he had made an excuse to not accompany them. He was already being bullied by his peers and he didn't want them to see him with his parents. He had all his day planned out.He was going to eat fast food, watch porn and pleasure himself.  This was how usually these kind of days went.

Both Trish and Matt had their days planned out and both of them were going to get surprised.

How, you ask? We'll you'll have to read the story to find that out.

Major Characters

Trish - A woman
Grant - Trish's co-worker with whom she was carrying out an affair
Terry - Trish's husband
Matt - A teenager who was home alone
Tony - Matt's classmate who was bullying him
Nikki - A visitor that had come to Matt asking for help
Leah - Matt's classmate
Devin - The tresspasser

Pound by Shawn Hupp is a novellette that is full of gore and sex. There are two stories that move forward simultaneously.

There is Matt, a teenager who is being bullied by his peers. The bullying is so severe that Matt is constantly tormented by an imaginary being called Tony who is based on a bully that he has to face at school. He is going through a psychiatric breakdown.

Anyone who has gone through the experience of being bullied can feel for Matt. Kids can be very cruel when it comes to taunting someone who they feel is not fitting the norm. They'll keep shaming them, will keep creating situations to mock them and in doing so the bullies feel good about themselves. This really affect the kid who is being bullied. You see it here and I could see what Matt was going through and why he wanted to be alone.

Then there is Trish who is in a lonely marriage. She is carrying out an affair with her co-worker. She's doing it because she feels her husband is not giving her attention and is too busy in work. There is a line in the book that describes her feeling:

To Grant she was just a hole that he planned on filling. Oddly enough, she felt likewise.

Now, i couldn't understand Trish. She comes from a society where they choose their own partners. Divorces occur often and i can safely assume that Trish and Terry's marriage was not an arranged one. Now, in such a society i can't fathom why Trish would carry out an affair instead of walking out of an marriage and getting what she wanted. It feels she is just doing it because of spite. She wants her husband to find out and get hurt.

If she had filed for divorce then i would have had respect for her. But now i didn't really care for her. I couldn't connect to her. She didn't deserve what she got but oddly enough i didn't feel sad for her as i did for Matt. I think the author wrote that part where she's contemplating why she does what she does so that we could feel sad for her. But it didn't really affected me because i knew she had choice.

The author has tackled an important issue here.There are many kids who have to go through what Matt went through. Most don't take extreme steps but some do and then we see school shootings. We need to see such things don't happen and provide proper counselling to not only kids but to parents too so that they could detect if their child is bullying or is being bullied and then deal with the situation. Most of the time parents are aware of what is going on and they come to know only when such extreme things happen. The onus is on all of us and we need to share the burden and ensure that a good environment is being provided.

There are two villains in the story and i liked both of them. They are as different as they can get. I don't want to say more about them as i feel it would be better if you'd meet them unprepared. That way you are going to enjoy it more.

These different story lines meet in the middle and we find out what's the point that is connecting them. The stories start with an exciting raunchy premise and then turn gory very soon. I enjoyed reading it. The plot is tightly knit. There is no unnecessary flab and i liked that part of it. It is fast paced and one keeps reading to find out how this blood bath would end.

If you don't like gory stuff then i don't think it's for you. But,  if you are okay with blood and gore, and  want a quick entertaining read then it wouldn't disappoint you.

I would be looking forward to reading more works by Shaun Hupp.

My rating: 3.5/5

If you have read the book then do tell me what did you thought about it.

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