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Anita : A trophy Wife by Sujatha

Book was read between January 5th,2019 to January 7th,2019

Edition Details:
Format: Paperback | Page Count: 145 | Publisher:  Westland |  ISBN: 9789386850027

Translated from Tamil by: Meera Ravishankar

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Anita: The Trophy Wife By Sujatha
Anita: The Trophy Wife By Sujatha

First Sentence:
The girl, perhaps eighteen, had the special teen bloom,, look and image.

All those two young love birds wanted was a secluded place to spend some moments together. But what they got was a dead body.

R K Sharma was a businessman who had gone out with his trusted servant Govind. They had taken some money from the bank and had gone to Sharma's factory in Hisaar. But now Sharma was found dead and Govind was missing.

Monika was R K Sharma's daughter who had been living in America. She had come to India after hearing about her father's demise. Monika had never liked Anita ,her step-mother. She thought Anita had used her father and was now going to take away half of his assets. She wanted someone to help her legally and hence had come to Ganesh. She wanted him to ensure that  she's not robbed of her rights.

Ganesh  was searching for a job so when Monika approached him he was more than ready to help her. But the more he came to know about the case the more he became sure that something fishy was surely going on. Then there was someone who didn't want Ganesh to investigate. And apart from all this, Ganesh was finding it hard to not fall for Anita.

Who had killed R K Sharma? Why was he killed? Where was Govind? Who was the person who wanted Ganesh to stay away from this job?

Who did Ganesh chose to help: Monika or Anita? Was Anita really involved in the murder? Was she as innocent as she wanted everyone to believe?

You'll have to read the book to find that out.

Major Characters:
R K Sharma - A businessman
Govind - Sharma's trusted servant
Anita - Sharma's second wife
Bhaskar -Sharma's secretary
Monika - Sharma's daughter
Ganesh - An advocated to whom Monika had come for help
Meenakshi - Anita's maid
Inspector Rajesh- Inspector who was investigating the murder of R K Sharma
Sundar - Property broker

Anita: A trophy wife is the second novel by Sujatha that i've read.

It starts with a dead body and then things happen all around it. Ganesh, the protagonist, initially is not brought to investigate the murder but then he finds himself sucked in to the situation. Things keep happening that force Ganesh to investigate what really happened to Sharma and find out why he was murdered.

The story is fast paced and is  tightly knit. It has ample twists and  things keep happening at such a pace that keeps you turning the pages. I can say there was never a dull moment in the book.

I liked the way it ends although i could figure out the twist in the story. The good thing is that i could figure that out just few paragraphs before the author reveals it.

The weak part of the story was that i could not fathom why the culprit did what he did. It made no sense to me. There were better ways to handle the situation. It was not as if he was wanted for something else and this would have solved his those problems.

The characters are believable. I liked Monika's character and the way she talks to Ganesh was fun to read. She's like a child. Ganesh seems like a ladies man but he's honest towards his job. He doesn't let his desire for woman cloud his instincts although he let's people think that such may be the case. It reminded me of another character called Sudhir Kohli by Surendra Mohan Pathak. Although, Surendra Mohan Pathak's Sudhir is a private detective instead of a lawyer but he too likes ladies like Ganesh.

I enjoyed reading this novel by Sujatha and i hope more of them are translated. Although, since it's based in Delhi so i was thinking that it would have been fun to read it's Hindi translation. I would any day prefer Hindi translation over English. I also hope that more tamil pulp by other authors is also translated.

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