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Incubus - Mathew Slough

Read between 17th December 2018 and 20th December 2018

Edition Details:
Format : E-book
Page Count: 49

Incubus - Mathew Slough
Incubus - Mathew Slough

First Sentence:
Gregory stood in the busy hotel lounge.

Long time back the Incubus had been summoned to the lands of scotland. It shouldn’t have been.

Gregory worked for brand60, a company that marketed stationery. He found himself participating in this seminar in The Hotel Hamilton Grange in Scotland. Apparantly, his job was to make sure everyone is provided for and their every demand is being met. He didn’t know who had assigned him this job. He has no idea how did he end up here. But he knows he has to do the bidding of the people present there.

So, when Viktor Grub, owner of International Computer Simulation Company, asked Gregory to arrange a blind date for his friend Martyn, with a woman present in the Seminar, Gregory knew he had to make it happen.

Meanwhile, the Wizard was also present in the Hotel Hamliton Grange. He believes he's eventually going to be successful in doing what he has been wanting to do since a long long time.

What was Gregory doing in the seminar?

Who was the wizard and what did he want?
Major Characters:
Gregory -  Protagonist
Viktor Grub - A bussinessman
Martyn - Friend of Viktor
Stephenie - A woman that was present in the seminar at Hamilton Grange
Linda -  A woman who was working in the Bar of Hamilton Grange
Philip - Worked at the hotel

Incubus by Mathew Slough was a different read for me. It was a short read at 49 pages. I liked the concept  and the execution of the story.

As i was reading it, i could feel the disorientation, that the characters were going through. The times were changing, the things were happening in different orders, the scenes were getting repeated and i felt like as i was under the same spell that was put on the characters.It made me uncomfortable and one with the characters.

Although, overall i liked the book, but one thing that bothered me was that there were lot of questions that were left unanswered. Who was Viktor Grub? Why was he going about getting date for his friend? I couldn't  understand his agenda. Why didn't the poisonous cheese affect him? Why was Gregory chosen? Why was Linda chosen? Who was the person who delivered the cheese? Was that guy in cahoots with the Wizard? Why did Stephanie reacted the way she did? In the we find something about Stephanie and after reading it i was left with a question as to why how did everything turn out to be the way it was presented to the readers? Was it all the Wizard's doing?

These are the questions that are still bothering me. There were references to some poems and some myths  in the book and i'm not familiar with them so it may have been that i have missed some clue which was given there. But i felt if above questions would have been answered in the end then it would have been better.

Apart from the thing mentioned above there were some minor editing  mistakes in the later half of the book. Some words were missing and some words were misspelt. I noticed them so i thought i should mention them.

I would like to add that i would also have loved to see more of the Incubus. Here as a reader we are witnessing the final show down between the Incubus and one who's trying to end him. We know what he is but he appears  only in the end. He had been in Scotland from a long time and there were a lot times when the Wizard had tried to end him. But the Wizard had failed. I would have loved to see a glimpse of those failures either as backflashes or just as a thought so as to feel more acquainted with the Incubus and feel the raw evil that it was.

In the end i would say it was an engaging albeit different read. I especially liked the way it was arranged.

My Rating: 3/5
If you have read this book then what did you think about it?
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