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By the Hour: A Horror Novelette by David Coons

Rating: 3.5/5
Read on February 2nd, 2017

Edition Details:
Format: E-book
Page Count: 68

First Sentence:
Knock Knock
No, this is not the beginning of some lame joke for kindergarteners.

It was a knock that woke him up from the deep sleep. First there was a confusion as to where he was and then there was the hangover. It was a normal for Michael to wake up in a motel like that. He had done that many times. He looked at the clock and saw it was 8:00 AM.

The knocking was insistent and when he opened the doors he found he was looking at the most beautiful woman he had ever laid his eyes on. He could gauge that she was a sex worker. Her name was Eternity and he couldn't believe his luck when she asked to come in and make love to him.

He thought he was in heaven. And Boy! could he be any wrong.

I love reading Stephen King and had read somewhere that he  believed that hell for him was repetition. It was a place where you had to repeat something again and again forever. The author,David Coons, has expanded on this idea and created this great read.

The story begins in a way that i knew what was happening to Michael but I wanted to know why it was happening to him. There were times when i could imagine what he was going through and it was spine chilling. I felt pity for him even in the end.

It's very graphic and highly sexual read. There are some parts that can be bothersome if you are squeamish. So, if you get easily nauseated then read it with caution. But if you can digest that then you should read it. It was a fun, fast read and i enjoyed it.

I'll be looking forward to reading other works by the author.

You can get the book from the following link:
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