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What Really Happened - Banaphool

Rating : 3.5/5
Read between August 25, 2016 to November 15,2016

Edition Details:
Format : Paperback
Page Count: 327
Publisher: Penguin India
ISBN: 978-0-14-341422-3
Translator: Arunava Sinha

What Really happened is a collection of 100 short stories by Banaphool (Balai Chand Mukhopadhyay). The stories are really short with the longest one spanning a couple of pages to the shortest one being just one paragraph long.

I read these stories over a period of two months. I used them as fillers and used to read one or two stories whenever i felt bored with my current reads.

Most of the these stories have a slight twist in the end that tend to surprise, shock or make you laugh. They are not genre specific and cover a wide array of human emotions. I liked most of the stories and would definitely recommend the collection.

This collection has made me interested in reading the longer works by the author. I hope translations would be available for them.

The stories in the collection are:

1. What Really Happened

First Sentence:
I was alone in my hostel room in the afternoon.

He was waiting for her lover in her hostel room. Did she come?

2. What Always Happens

First Sentence:
The four-year-old Abhi was subservient to no one.

Abhi and his father acted in the same way. But what responses they get from their family members form the story?

3. What never happens

First Sentence:
People referred to Habu and Gopu as twin souls.

Habu and Gobu had been the best friends. There was nothing that Habu didn't know about Gobu, at least he thought so. But then something happened which made him change his opinion. What had happened? How did it affect their friendship.

4. What Could Happen

First Sentence:
Mrs Mitra, you're late today as well.

Mrs Mitra was finding it difficult to balance her work and home life. She wanted to work in spite of objection of her husband. Manoranjan used to work with Mrs Mitra. He was in love with her. Then something happened that could change the course of their lives. What was that?

5. Conjugal Dreams
First Sentence:
Sudhir arrived with a bouquet of flowers.

Sudhir likes Hashi. And Ajay liked Alka. But were they to be together.

6. Sunanda
First Sentence:
Sunanda appeared before the lift at five to ten.

Sunanda debi was a stern officer. Chandrakanta Ghosh was her secretary. He was late again and she had decided she'll not take this indiscipline any more. What will she do now?

7. The Master and the Servant
First Sentence:
The wife is visiting her parents.

When the wife went to visit her parents, the house had only the master and the servant. The master knows she has left the servant for spying on him. The master doesn't like this but what can he do. Or can he?

8. The Vigil
First Sentence:
Rajen was a college student at the time, putting up at a boarding house in Bowbazar.

Rajen had been known for his helping nature. Rajen was not financially well off but that didn't act as a deterrent in his helping nature. So when Botuk-Bhoirab Ghosh came to him Rajen ensured he got what he wanted. When Botuk left Rajen he was a happy guy and he promised that he would be waiting for Rajen to come to his place. And then years later Rajen went to his place. What happened then forms the story.

9. Through the binoculars
First Sentence:
It was winter.

The narrator was enjoying the warmth of the December sun when something caught his eye. He got his binoculars to see it more clearly. Next day he got a letter. Who was the letter from? What was the narrator watching?

10. Side by Side
First Sentence :
I was fed up of sitting,sleeping,playing cards, meeting friends, gossiping and so on.

After trying every possible thing to earn a living and failing in it the narrator decides to go to Calcutta. He has a relative called Bikash there and hopes that Bikash would help him in securing a job. Will he get the job?

11. The missed moment
First Sentence:
I sat in silence.

The narrator and Toku were best of friends. But then life happened. They kept in contact but it was not that often. Then one day Toku visited the narrator and asked for a favour. What was the favour? Did the narrator agreed to grant it?

12. Inside Out
First Sentence
Our minds are usually split into two.

Ramkishore babu is a lawyer. He has succeeded in making his conscience dormant where matters of law and his clients are concerned. One day a client comes to him for an advice. Ramkishore gives it to him as professionally as he could. What happens next? Read the story to find out.

13. Gratitude
First Sentence:
The House on whose first floor Mr Adhar Aich lived was rather dilapidated.

Adhar Aich was living in a house which was in shambles. It was not that Adhar was poor but Adhar was in love with Juthika Bose. How does love comes into living in poor accommodation? Well, read the story.

14. Transition
First Sentence:
The Khejur Gur sandesh turned to ashes in my mouth.

Naresh and Harimohan were the best of friends. It didn't matter that Harimohan was a wealthy man while Naresh was a simple clerk. When Naresh last met Harimohan he was suffering from tuberculosis and it was looking as if he was going to die soon. But then he left for Dharampur to recover and the last Naresh heard that he had gone to Switzerland. When ten years later Harimohan came back Naresh wanted to see him. He was happy that his friend had survived the deadly disease. How did the meeting went? What had changed in these ten years?

15. A love story,1964
First Sentence:
It was raining torrentially, the sky grey.

He was a writer. The editor had asked him to write a short story. He was planning to go to his writing room for doing exactly that when those people came. They were two men and a women and they wanted his room for rent. They said they could leave in a week. Why did they want the room? what were they doing out in the rain? Did he gave them the room?

16. By Jove
First Sentence:
Sunila would have been better named something with the word 'dark' in it

Sunila was dusky but had lovely features. Her parents had wanted to marry her to a guy who would be fair and who would have a job in a foreign land. But that was not to be so. Sunila got married to Gobordhon who was in no way what they had expected. Now Gobardhan was visiting his in-laws for the first time. How will the visit go?

17. Wanted
First Sentence:
The bout of Malaria lasted two months.

He was unhealthy, had failed his exams and had seen his love get married to someone else. All he wanted to be of some use and for that purpose he goes to Calcutta. Was his desires fulfilled?

18. A travelling Salesman
First Sentence:
The main reason for the quarrel, however, was  Katyayani.

Bhoirob and Katyayni were husband and wife. When Katyayi asks for a Saree from Bhoirob, he starts giving her excuses to not buy it. The truth is that Bhoirob is unemployed and thus haven't had the money to buy it. Katyayni ridicules him for not having his job and angry Bhoirob goes out of the house. There he meets a travelling salesman. What happens next wouldn't have happened if Bhoirob hadn't been so angry? What happened you say? Read the story.

19. The Solution
First Sentence:
Despite the blue of the sky, the fragnance of the breeze, the beauty of the flower and my name being Niharranjan, my marriage took place with a village belle from Pakragram named Khyantonmoni.

Niharranjan had got married and had a child. The child was named Bunchi. While Niharranjan didn't agree with the name but he could not argue against the reason given to him. Bunchi was not a beautiful child. So when he took her to his parents house every body got worried about how the child was going to get married when she grows up? They are talking about this when the solution comes to Niharranjan. What was the solution?

20. Dependent
First Sentence:
After getting Beri-Beri, i was advised a change of air.

When the narrator suffers from Beri beri he is told to take some precautions by Dibakar Babu. In the night he feels something is wrong with him and sends a servant to call the doctor again. What was wrong with him? Did he survived?

21. The Story of the Postcard
First Sentence:
'Why did you write to me in a Postcard? It's very embarrassing.'

The husband and wife were talking. The wife was complaining that why he used to write her on a postcard. She wanted him to write to a proper letter like her friend's husband used to write to her friend. But there is a story to that postcard and you'll find it when you read this story.

22. Juthika
First Sentence:
The Connection was completely unexpected.

Juthika was his niece's friend and had been introduced as such to him.  But after six months he knew he was in love with her. Now he wanted to meet her and tell her how he felt. And the opportunity had arisen. Her family had gone to watch a film and he had asked her to remain alone in the house. Was he able to tell her his feelings? How did Juthika responded?

23. Uncle
First Sentence:
We were all worried for uncle.

Banaphul(image source)
There had been a fight and uncle had been thrown out the house by aunt. He had been clearly told that he was welcome when he had got the blankets with him. The boys loved uncle and knew aunt was right. They wanted to do something for him. What did they do? How did uncle react to this? Was aunt happy?

24. The Mother in Law
First Sentence:
How do you explain fixity of purpose?

Nathuni's wife and mother were before the doctor at his home. It was very early in the morning. It seemed Nathuni's mother had suffered from lockjaw. How had it happened? What happened after Doctor cured the problem?

25. Applied Astrology
First Sentence:
Shatrughana Mullick was a renowned figure in his social circle, a circle where the only object of worship is money.

Shatrughna Mullick had virtually everything. He had thriving businesses, very large amount of wealth and a clout with which he was virtually invincible. Now he wanted  a wife who could bear a son for him. But all his efforts in this direction kept failing? Why was that happening? Did he succeed in getting himself a wife? And if yes, then how?

26. A Novel in Brief
First Sentence:
It was a december night.

Sanjay had seen her. He had been thrown out by her. He was then requested by her to come but Sanjay refused. What happened when Sanjay regretted not going? Who was she? Did Sanjay met her again?

27. Chuno-Punti
First Sentence:
Punti was on her way back home after five years.

Punti had been forced to leave her village. She was returning back after five years. Why did she leave? Why was she coming back now?

28. Second to none
First Sentence:
Everything was Perfect.

His life was going perfect. He had a good boss and a lovely wife. But then things changed. The boss got transferred and wife died during childbirth. What happened next forms the story. It's a comedic tale.

29. Within and Without
First Sentence:
Rushing from the bedroom into the drawing room, I sat on a stool and muttered,'As if we have a mint at home!'

The astrologer visited him and wanted to see his hand. The astrologer said the just wanted to practice his art. And then he made two predictions about the narrator. What were those predictions? Why had the astrologer come to him? Were the predictions true?

30. A Chapter from the Ramayana
First Sentence:
The Act.

Nakur Maiti was an actor who used to play the role of Ram. He was returning after performing an act. But enacting someone and being some one are two different things. How was Nakul Maiti different from Ram?

31. A funny Story
First Sentence:
Very closely cropped hair, the scalp showing in places.

Harihar's is living in penury and it has made him easily irritable. He's been asking for Krittibash and is getting because Krittibash is nowhere to be found. It seems he needs him urgently. Why does he need him? Who's Harihar?

32. Moonlight
First Sentence:
The moonlight was beautiful.

He just wanted to enjoy the moonlight. But something or other kept cropping up. Was his wish fulfilled? And it yes then how?

33. The tailor
First Sentence:
So much work, not a moment's respite.

Shishir is a tailor. He was busy with the work when Nirmal came to him. He wanted Shishir to make flags for the college union. Why were the flags needed? Did Shishir made them?

34.The Star
First Sentence:
Minu,Jitu,Haru and Fonti were sleeping on the terrace that night on a sheet, under a star studded sky.

Minu,Jitu, Haru and Fonti were sleeping on the terrace. They saw the sky and were enamoured by the stars. They started discussing the stars among themselves. What happened next forms the story.

35. The Homecoming
First Sentence:
You wanted a story, didn't you?

An insurance agent is returning home from Shimla. He's returning to his city Calcutta via train. On entering his compartment he finds he has to share it with a family. Who's this family? Read the story to find out.

36. Amala
First Sentence:
The Groom's family was coming to take a look at Amala.

Amala knows what kind of husband she wants. She has imagined his physical attributes and since now the prospective grooms have started coming to see her she keeps dreaming of her dream man. Did she get her dream man?

37. A.B.C: A Geometric Story
First Sentence:
A and B were inseperable friends.

A and B were friends who lived a similar life. They had huge debts and both didn't want to work. A had a daughter called C whom he wanted to marry. But marriage meant dowry and A couldn't find money for that. What happened next? Did A get enough money for dowry? Were they able to pay back their debts?

38. Boy or Girl
First Sentence:
The maternity hospital.

Annakali and Namita were in the same room of the maternity hospital. Both are there to give birth. Annakali was forty and Namita seventeen. They are different in ages but that didn't stop them from striking a friendship. And they both agree on one thing that men are useless. And they pass their time there in discussing them. Then the time for birth comes. What happens when they give birth? Read the story to find out.

39. Dead of Night
First Sentence:
The train was late that night.

Purandar had been missing his wife. His wife had gone to her father's home. So Purandar decided to go there and meet her. He hadn't told his in laws about his visit. How did the visit go? Was it as exciting as Purandar had anticipated?

40. The Eyes
First Sentence:
Most people probably didn't consider her beautiful.

He loved her. It was her eyes that used to mesmerise him. But fate had something else in store.

41. Rainswept
First Sentence:
The Sky was completely overcast.

It was going to rain soon. He was waiting for his friend. Meanwhile he was reading the letter from his love. He was longing for her. Who was his lover? Where did he want to go with his friend?

42. Fulfilment
First Sentence:
When i look back on my past, i'm saddened.

The narrator was melancholy as he was thinking about his past. Now being experienced had snatched that beautiful life away from the narrator.

43. An extremely short story
First Sentence:
The flame burned sadly.

The steadily burning flame looked like it was waiting for someone. Who was it waiting for?

44. Among Birds
First Sentence:
I suddenly noticed something blackish among the cluster of green leaves on the mango tree.

 The relationship between a child cuckoo, an adult cuckoo and the adult crow form the story. What was the relationship between them? What did the narrator observed?

45. Feminine Mystique
First Sentence:
Sumita switched on the light when she returned home- only there was no light.

Sumita used to work but the salary was not enough to meet the expenses. One day she returns home to find that the bulb in her room has stopped working and she doesn't have money to change it. In a moment of distress she thinks of Suren and Nabendu. She knows both are attracted towards her and want to marry it. It seem she could have it easy if she decides to tie the knot as the income of two would be sufficient for meeting the needs. And then they both proposed marriage to her. What happens next? What was Sumita's answer?

46. The tyranny of Clogs
First Sentence:
French cut beard, fancy haircut, colorful lungi, breath stinking of onion and garlic-imagine such a man name Radhaballabh.

When Radhaballabh saw Punti he was in love. But the clogs of destiny had something else in mind. What had destiny in store for him?

47. Out of stock
First Sentence:
You can't get anything in the shop these days.

Jagdish Babu thinks that after independence everything has run out of stock. He has a servant called Poltu who he thinks is stealing stuff from him. And then one day he finds that Poltu has given him 30 paise less. Where did the money go? What did Poltu do with it? How did Jagdish Babu reacted?

48. Just Like New
First Sentence:
She comes.

She comes for him every day. He too wants to meet her desperately but something or the other keeps turning up. Who is She? What does he want from her? Will he be able to meet her?

49. A Play of Colours
First Sentence:
Maya had said,'All right, since that's what you want, i'll take the red one...'

A lot of time has passed in the incident but he can't forget that sentence uttered by Maya, his wife. Then something inexplicable happens. He thinks the colour of sari in his wife's painting has changed color. Why does it happen? What he does next?

It's a short but touching story. Banaphool in a single incident has shown how Maya did sacrifices because of her husband. And she didn't feel bad in doing so. But the husband is now guilt ridden because he couldn't stand up for her.

50. Tillotma
First Sentence:
Everyone's life witnesses that dramatic moment sometimes, when all calculations, all plans, go awry in an instant.

When Gokul was being married to Tillotma he had formed a picture in his mind. But the real girl didn't fit in that picture. Tillotma was nothing what he had envisaged his wife would be. And then Usha came into his life and Gokul decided to marry her. What happened next?

51. A  Breeze
First Sentence:
When it happened, it seemed to happen without warning.

He was sitting outside facing the sky when he remembered an incident from his childhood. He was interested in stars then and had nicknamed a star Thebby. Thebby was his childhood friend and he was remembering her now. What happened to Thebby? Where did she go?

52. Impotenet Confessions
First Sentence:
She had buried her face in my chest and sobbed that day- I haven't forgotten.

He has been with her. They have been very close but then one day she decided to leave him. Who was he? Why was she leaving him?

53. The final Instalment
First Sentence:
I'd just received my medical degree.

He had just got his degree and now wanted to treat patients. He had full faith in contemporary medical sciences but was perturbed that all cases used to come to Dr Dinu, who was quite old fashioned. Then Dr Dinu asked him to come with him to see a patient. What happened at the patient's house forms the story?
It's another of the story with the tinge of supernatural in it. I enjoy such stories so it was fun reading it.

54. The Suicide
First Sentence:
Chandramadhab was an amazing man.

Chandramadhab was an amazing man with an astounding moustache. He loved his moustache and it formed an intrinsic part of his personality. Then one day he removed it. Why did he got rid of it?

55. The Flu
First Sentence:
It started with a headache.

Tapati was Samar's friend Naren's sister. She has been at Samar's house because he had been ill. But there was something on Samar's mind too. He wanted to tell that to Tapati. Was he able to pour his heart out? Was he cured of the flu?

56. The Butterfly
First Sentence:
A butterfly's been visiting me off late, perching on the lamp with blue shade.

A butterfly, a decision to get re-married.What could be common between them? Well, you know what you have to do.

57. Love Marriage
First Sentence:
Kshanika Khastagir was struck by lightning in her head.

Kshanika Khastagir was angry with her father. He had fixed her marriage to a guy who had already been married once. She didn't want to marry this guy. And she was determined to not let anything sway her decision.

58.  Shades of truth
First Sentence:
Dahlia, Carnation, Amaryllis,crimson,glory,hibiscus,chrysanthemum- all of them appeared in a rush along with a red scarf.

She has been receiving letters that are scented. Then one day somebody comes to visit her. Who was sending her the letters? Who was she? What does she want?
This was one of the most confusing story. There were parts of it i didn't get. May be it got lost in translation.

59. The Beggar
First Sentence:
Suddenly i found a bearded man kneeling before me, his hands held out in supplication.

Arunava sinha
He found the beggar kneeling before him. He asked him to tell him who he was. Who was the beggar? Why was he kneeling before the narrator?

60. Death of a Reader
First Sentence:
About ten years ago.

It was ten years ago that he had accidentally stumbled on that novel. The novel had enthralled him but he was not able to finish it. He regretted it immensely. Now, ten years later he has finally got it and he wants to finish it. Was he able to finish it?

61. The Luxury of Imagination
First Sentence:

A small tiff between husband and wife. Who are this couple? What was the bone of contention between them?

62. A trivial incident
First Sentence:
Rapt in thought, the light switched on, i was drafting the fourth advertisement.

Sushila or Hilshi as he used to call her came to him after a long time. Where and why she had gone?

63. Horu is Illiterate
First Sentence:
A village.

Bilash Babu was one of the renowned man in the village. Horu was his milkman. Bilash hadn't paid him in months. But Horu didn't lose hope. Why?

64. The Corpse
First Sentence:
It all started with an argument.

Jiben, Kanu and Amal are all third year medical students. Amal doesn't believes in ghost like other two. So they place a bet. What was the result of bet?
It's a cool story. I have heard or watched so many ghost stories that start with a bet but every time it entertains me. This one is no different. I loved reading this one.

65. Light and Shade
First Sentence:
I received Deepa's Letter.

He had once stood first in his philosophy exams. It was due to that Deepa was coming to him as she had Philosophy as her subject in MA. But was that the real reason?

66. Ten Years
First Sentence:
As he sat down to write a letter, Somnath seemed to discover anew that he had vitiligo on his fingers.

It's been ten years since Pushpa was married to a guy called Mr Rajat Ray. Somnath has been writing letters to her since then. He's writing a letter today but he's ill now. What does he write?

67. Across the Divide
First Sentence:
The woman was dark.

Alka Debi was a famous courtesan-singer. Sushma was a wealthy housewife. But what do they want? Read the story to find out.
The life we live and the life we desire are seldom same. The story portrays it beautifully.

68. The Tree
First Sentence:
Some peeled of the bark and boiled it.

The Neem tree was there near the house. It had a lot in common with the housewife living in the house. How was it, you say. Well, for that you'll have to read the story my friend.
People have this habit of taking things and other people for granted. The story describes it beautifully.

69. A Juicy Experience
First Sentence:
Rashamay  of the advancing years came to my office the other day, not a little excitedly, saying, 'Pardon me, doctor, for calling your science a fraud in the heat of an argument।'

Rashamay Rakshit has never liked doctors and medical science। But then something happens with him that forces him to change his opinion of them। He then comes to his doctor to narrate his experience?
So, what happened to him?

70. Extra Fare
First Sentence:
Now this is what you might call irony.

The narrator sees some in Bombay Mail at the Howrah station। He's overjoyed। He has found the person he's been searching for or has he?

71. The Debt
First Sentence:
I was visiting Choku

The narrator had given Choku some money and now he keeps going to his shop for retrieving it. Will Choku return his money? Why was the money given? Why he has not returned it from the past five years?

I feel business is war. The customer is the enemy, you have to grab the money in his pocket through any strategy possible. Coax, cajole, entice, threaten – whatever works

72. The Exception
First Sentence:
He was healthy, handsome, well educated and had a reasonable income.

Suren is an eligible bachelor who keeps getting marriage proposals and keeps rejecting them too. He doesn't wants to marry. He has his own reasons for that. But then he decides to make an exception.
What happens next? Why does he does that?

Read the story to find that out.

73. The Saving Grace
First Sentence:
The well established short story writer Ambujaksha Bhowmick was extremely worried.

Ambujaksha Bhowmick doesn't know what to do. He writes short stories but they usually show winning of good over evil. But now he has been asked to write a racy story which is against his principles. But it's necessary too because he needs the money.
What will he do? Will he stick to his principles or succumb to market demands?

74. Happenstance
First Sentence:
Mrs Usha Sen was a modern woman.

Usha Sen was a modern woman who was as independent as they come. But there were some aspects of her life where she had been traditional. She was forced by her by father to get married to a man who belonged to the same caste as them in stead of the marrying the boy that she loved.At that particular time she had taken some vows.And now two years had passed and each vow has been broken by her. But there's one vow still remaining. And she wants to keep it intact.The temptations to break it are increasing. Will she be able to keep it? What was the vow?

75. Penance
First Sentence:
The Train Rolled On.

Chandra Babu was a mail sorter in the Royal Mail Service. He liked to open mails and read them. He had developed techniques over the time to do so in such a way that the receiving party would never be able to ascertain whether the letter was read or not. Today also he's doing the same in the train. But today he's going to get a surprise of his life?

76. Ramshebak the Devotee
First Sentence:
Ramshebak Roy eventually did something extraoridnary, though he was not an extraoridnary man.

Ramshebak was a devotee. Everyone knew it and when he died it's said he died with God's name on his lips. But is it the truth? If not then why?

77. A tagore tale
First Sentence:
One summer i had been to visit him.

When the narrator visits the poet he gets surprised by the conditions in which the poet likes to write his poem. What are the conditions that surprise the narrator? And what's poet's logic behind them?

78. The Next Day
First Sentence:
Eventually he met the almighty himself.

He has been suffering from the long time. He has got the degree but not the job. When he asks God for it, then after many prayers God decides to meet him. Did God fulfil his wishes? What did the Almighty told him?

79. The Will
First Sentence:
'Love! Love! Love! No concern about the inheritance going to the dogs..'

Binoykumar Chattopadhyay's son was going to loose all his inheritance because the son had fallen in love. Seem strange,no? So, read the story to find out how's that possible?

80. The Proof
First Sentence:
The Veteran Doctor Ghanshyam Sen limped his way to the throat specialist Dr Hazara's clinic.

Dr Ghanshyam has got a rohu fish's bone lodged in his throat and he comes to meet Dr Hazra for getting it removed. Dr Ghanshyam doesn't like small fishes. But then how did he end up eating that Rohu. It's an interesting story. Read it to find out.

81. The Second Bird
First Sentence:
This story is not being written to prove a superstition.

Nandani shome believed in a western superstition. Spotting a single mynah led to sorrow and spotting a pair led to joy. She had her own reasons to believe it.
Now, she's going to marry the love of her life. She's happy. But then she spots a single mynah out of the pair that used to come daily. Where did the other mynah go? What will happen to Nandani?

82. Flowers and People
First Sentence:
Bikash waited after banging on the closed door.

Are flowers and people the same? The bee wants rajnigandha to change and prods her for it. Rajnigandha wants to get changed for the bee. Alo likes Bikash but Bikash wants Alo to change.What happens next forms the story.

83. The Reunion
First Sentence:
I was a guest at a friend's house long ago.

Shotu and Chobi are childhood friends who meet by chance at a railway station. A lot has changed over the time. While Chobi became a doctor, Shotu on the other hand is a clerk. They both have their own problems. So when Chobi invites Shotu to come visit his place, Shotu agrees reluctantly. How did the reunion go? Why did Chobi invited Shotu?

84. The Wall
First Sentence:
The Phone Rang.

Shovonlal was in love with Sujata.He was doing everything in his capability to get married to her. But there were some walls that were hindering the union of these two love birds. What were the obstacles in their course? How did they destroy those walls?

85. Tuni and the VIPs
First Sentence:
I had been very busy since morning.

A lot of VIP's had been to the house of the narrator. After they had left Tuni came to visit. Tuni was the daughter of  his maid who used to visit often. The visit of Tuni and the visit of the VIPs made him realise something. What happened that the narrator had to compare two incidents? What did he realise?

86. Sulekha's Tears
First Sentence:
Sulekha was crying.

It was late at night and one could hear Sulekha crying. What was the reason behind it?

87. A moment of Greatness
First Sentence:
We'll see what she does now.

Kalikanta aka Gurgan khan is an actor. He has everything that a man can aspire for: looks, personality and wealth. But one thing has left him nonplussed. Srimati is not attracted to him. He wants her bad but Srimati has affections for another fellow. Gurgan Khan fails to see what she see in that fellow. He doesn't stand any where near Gurgan in any department whether it may be looks or wealth. Gurgan is willing to do whatever it takes to get Srimati. What will he do? How will Srimati react to his propositions?

88. Moving Pictures
First Sentence:
A beautiful, well decorated room.

She was beautiful and there were many suitors for her, including the narrator. But she had to choose between only two. One was the Roly poly fellow whom her parents had fixed for her because he was wealthy and another was the one whom she had met by chance. Who will she choose? How will the other take it? What will happen to narrator who seems to love her as much as the both men?

89. Spot the fiction
First Sentence:
Ramlochan sighed deeply when he heard it.

Ramlochan was an old man now. He had artistic sensiblities and as a young man had sworn to marry a woman who would be able to satisfies that. But that couldn't happen. He was married to Khemankari which was a sort of compromise and his life had been like that since then. But now something had happened and he didn't like it. What had happened?

90. Foreign Exchange
First Sentence:
Gobordhon was a decent sort.

Gobordhon and Prathama were friends. Gobordhon's financial condition wasn't that good. He was married and could hardly meet her wife's demands. He blamed foreign exchange for that as he believed everything that was good was exported to get foreign exchange. But he didn't know this foreign exchange would affect his life like it did. What happened to Gobordhon?

91. The Meta Scientist's Theory
First Sentence:
As you know i don't possess a watch or anything, all i have to depend on is the shadow of palm tree behind my house.

What happens when  a sun gets stuck in the sky?

92. Surama
First Sentence:

Surama was there and she was looking angry. What was she doing? Why was she angry?

93. That girl
First Sentence:
She was standing there when i got off the tram, leaning against a pillar.

He didn't know her. So, when she asked to come to his house he was surprised. Who was she? What had she come?
It was also a entertaining story.

94. Female Prototype
First Sentence:
Very late at night.

Sunanda and Tamalkanti were married. They had a fix routine. He used to sleep early at night while Tamalkanti used to read magazines till very late in the night. She was doing the same that day. When all hell broke loose the next day, Tamalkanti was perplexed as to what had happend? Why was Sunanda behaving that way?

95. You and I
First Sentence:
I've got your letter.

He has received an angry letter. He had promised something and couldn't deliver. But then he discovered something among his old letters and was happy. What did he find?

96. Late One Night
First Sentence:
Late one night, I woke up suddenly.

He woke up late at that night. Why had he woken up? What did he see when he woke up?

97. Let it Be
First Sentence:
Entering her room on a whim, i found ribbons of different colours in a box.

He entered her room and saw various things that reminded him of other times. Who was she? Why did he entered her room? Where had she gone?

98. The Artist's Indignation
First Sentence:
Although Madan Ghoshal had never written a poem or painted a picture in his life, it wouldn't be wrong to say he was a first class artist, for he had savoured every moment of life with the joy of an artist.

Madan Ghoshal savoured his life. He lived for the drama in his life and if there was none he created one. SO why was he indignant now? What had happened?

99. The Ghost
First Sentence:
People say it is Zeus who weilds the thunderbolt.

Sushma was a teacher in a country school. She believed she was haunted by a ghost. Was she? Whose ghost was it?

100. Inspiration
First Sentence:
That day, too, when Hariranjan-babu discovered on his return from the courts that his Gopal had been flying kites instead of studying, he couldn't control himself any longer, lunging at the boy with his umbrella.

Hariranjan babu wants his son to study but couldn't make him so. One day he's scolding his son when his boss comes to visit his house. He hears about the child not studying and tells him a story. Did the child get inspired? Why had the boss come?

Have you read the collection? What were your thoughts about it?
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