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Warriors of the Deep by Terrance Dicks

Rating: 3/5
Read on 9th of December,2016

Edition Details:
Format : Paperback
Page Count : 126
Publisher: A Target Book
Series: Doctor Who Library (Target) #87

First Sentence:
my copy
The Base Might have been in space.

It's 2084. The whole earth has been divided into two power blocks viz West Block and East block. Each block considers the other one evil and it's enemy. Each Block is trying to outdo the other in terms of weapon development and is trying to sabotage the development of other.

Silurians  and Sea devils were the species that ruled the planet before humans. They think  they have the sole right on the planet and they would snatch it from the humans who according to them undeservedly rule the planet. And this is the perfect time for it. 

These two species have joined hands against the humans.They have  a plan and the success of it will mean destruction of mankind.

Doctor and his companions find themselves in this time. It's in their hand to resolve this conflict with the least damage.

How will they go about it? Will they succeed? 

I have started watching Dr who on netflix and whenever i used to watch the show i had a feeling that it would be better if there were novels about him. So when browsing through the Sunday market (Click here to find out which other books i got that day. Although the post is in Hindi which is the language that i primarily use but the list of books is in English so even if you don't get Hindi it wouldn't be much of problem.)  i saw this copy of Dr who adventure i instantly grabbed it. The companions of Doctor is this novel are different from the show that i've been watching. I know doctor is a time lord who keeps on taking new forms after a certain time and in each form he has different set of individuals accompanying him on his journey. Here he is in his fifth incarnation and is accompanied by Tegan and Turlough. (I'm watching the fifth season of the serial and it there are Amy Pond and Rory as companions of Doctor.) And i can without doubt that i like Rory over Turlough at any time. Amy Pond and Tegan are both cool but i would like to read why Doctor chose Turlough. He seems selfish in this adventure.

The novel is exactly like a doctor who episode. There are twists and turns that would keep you glued to the book.  I had thought that we'd get to know more about what keeps happening in the mind of doctor when he does those wacky things. But that doesn't happens in the book too. The Doctor is as compassionate as he's depicted in the series and i feel for him. Sometimes i get moved by the pain he feels when he has to harm another person. He does what's necessary but is affected by it. That emotional quotient is what makes him more endearing and inspirational. He's not some macho guy who keeps shooting things without feeling the pain of the people he's shooting.

As far as other characters are concerned they are okay according to the story. While reading about the Silurians i knew i had seen an episode that featured them in the fifth series. In that episode they(Silurians) were living inside the earth instead of inside the sea. Here there was a creature called Myrka which had not been present in the episode that i saw. I would love to see the episode on which this book is based and how they have depicted the invincible Myrka.

Another thing that i used to think while watching episodes was that why does out of so many species that he comes in contact with he chooses humans as his companions. He has also taken a human form and he can take any form. He seems to be favouring humans over other species. There have been times in this book where he keeps expressed the same thought.

'And kill them all off?'
'Why not? They're about to start a war that will destroy everyone on Earth.'
'With the weapons you humans invented to destroy each other,' pointed out the doctor,'Sometimes i wonder why i like the people of this miserable planet so much. Don't you realise the Silurians and Sea devils are ancient and noble races, with skills you pathetic humans can only dream about?'

I would like to get an answer of this too one day. (If you know it then do comment the answer.)

I loved reading the book and enjoyed it very much. If you watch doctor who then you'd love the book.  If you haven't then reading this book would surely increase your interest in the series. I would definitely look towards reading other books of the series.(If you have read Doctor Who books then do recommend some good ones.)

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