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Sinners by John Raptor

Rating: 3.5/5
Read between  November 4th, 2016 to November 5th, 2016

Edition Details:
Format: E-book
Page Count : 162

First Sentence:
My name is Richard.

Richard is a serial killer. He's been killing sex workers and then gouging their eyes out.
James Harris is a FBI agent. He's been working on the case. He has to find out who's the culprit behind murders.

But Richard finds him first and makes him realize that they are not so different after all. James has his own dirty secrets and Richard seems to know them. And he wants to play a game with him.

How did Richard find out so much about James?Will James be able to catch Richard? Why does Richard contact James and what does he wants from him?

The novella is written in first person. We see the whole book from the perspective of Richard, who's the antagonist.

I have always loved reading the story from the antagonists point of view. They have their own fractured perspective of seeing things which is visible here too. Richard keeps blaming everyone but himself for the thing that he was doing. Also, in such books the narrator is a pyschopath so the reader can't take him on his words. He may be fucking with the reader. So, it also gives writers an edge to leave the reader in an ambiguous state where they need to decide how much of the things narrator has said are really true.

The another good thing about the book is that the good guy is not that good. He's the kind of guy who can't keep his hands of women. He belives in religion with fervour but most of time that faith is a result of his guilt. In a way he's a hypocrite and when he comes before antagonist, the reader has to think a while before deciding whom he'll root for. It was fun to read about a protagonist who's not some goody two shoes.

Some lines from the book:

A young woman with the eyes cut out, blood dripping down her cheeks as she screams in agony but her cries go unheard...just like mine will someday, when i'm rotting in the deepest pits of hell and the raven is pecking at my eyes and viscera.

I have that same demon living within me. He's made quite a cozy home for himself- I've even offered him a leather chair to smoke his pipe in and a blazing hearth to put his feet up in front of, after a long day's work torementing me.

I realized how evil the world really was, that even the most righteous had their dark side. That we are all iufected with evil. And no matter what, we cannot be rid of it. It lived in all of us, and it thrived off our nasty deeds. We fed it our sins, and it got stronger.

The book was an entertaining thriller. It has got enough twists and turns to keep the reader glued to it. It's short and fast paced so you keep on reading it. Yes, It gets very graphic at some points so if you can handle that then you are going to enjoy it. I liked the book and would definitely recommend it.

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