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The Case of Deadly Butter Chicken - Tarquin Hall

Rating: 3.5/5
Read Between September 18th 2016 to September 21st,2016

Edition Details:
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Arrow Books
Page Count : 360
Series : Vish Puri #3

First Sentence:
Stripped down to his undergarments and tweed Sandown cap, Vish Puri stepped on to his wife's old set of bathroom weighing sales.

Kamran Khan is a famous pakistani bowler who plays for a team in ICT. During a post match dinner his elderly father, Faheem Khan, dies after consuming posionous butter chicken.

Vish Puri has been given this case. It's believed that Faheem Khan and his son were involved in illegal betting business. Vish Puri has been asked to find out why Faheem was murdered?

Vish Puri may have to go among the betting mafia, dig some skeletons from the closets of very important people and would have to do the unthinkable, that is, go to Pakistan, for solving this case.

To top this all Vish Puri will have to do what he hates doing, which is colloborating with his mother.

Will Vish Puri be able to solve the case? What secrets would Vish Puri stumble on to? Will Vish Puri agree to work with his mother?
Read the book to find out.

The Case of Deadly Butter Chicken is the third novel in the Vish Puri series. If you have been following Vish Puri series then you'd know that Vish doesns't do single case at a single time. He's involved in at least two cases  in every book. One is the regular case and second the major one. This book is no different. Vish Puri, in this book, is invovled in a theft and a murder. The murder forms the primary case for him. But the theft is equally important. Somebody is stealing moustaches of persons that hold the record of longest moustaches and Vish Puri as a member of Moustache Organisation of Punjab(MOP) is called to find the culprit.

Along with his cases we see him fighting against his ever bulging waistline. He thinks he has found the method to reduce it and wants to surprise his wife. But has he?

As far as the book is concerned I liked the book. Although, a murder has happened but the atmosphere of the book, like the previous ones in the series, is light and frothy. The book is funny and keeps you entertained.

The book is different from the previous ones as in it Mummy ji and Vish work on the same case. Vish doesn't like Mummy ji meddling with the detective work but often Mummy ji doesn't listens. So, now when she's working on the same case the situations that arise between them make for an interesting read.

 I preferred Mummy ji having her own case as that meant there would have been three cases in the book. And more space would have been dedicated to Mummy ji. And it's fun to see Mummy ji at work.
She's witty and sly and I love her. 
This book also takes the reader to the time when Mummy ji was a young girl and the reader would know few well kept secrets of her. If you are like me who have loved her character then you'd love that arc in the story.

If you like light detective fiction then you should definitely check out this series. If you have read the other series than you'd not get disappointed in this one.

If you have read this book then do tell me how did you like it. If you haven't then you can get the book from the following links:
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