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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Still Life : A novelette by David Blackthorn

Rating: 3/5
Read on 19th of July 2016

Edition Details:
Format: Ebook
Page Count: 44

First Sentence:
Shelly Moore gazed at her reflection in the mirror. 

When Jeanie Monotoya looked at the painting she knew she had to buy it. It was dark but it attracted her to it. She was happy about her purchase, and so was her husband, until weird things started happening.
Her husband James knows there's something amiss. There are inexplicable changes happening in his wife and he needs to find answers to it.
Was he able to find it? What was happening to Jeanie?

'Still life' is a horror novelette by David Blackthorn. It's a classic haunted object tale. If you have read such tales you know how it proceeds and what they entail. If you haven't then you'll find out by reading this one.
I loved reading this novelette. It's fast paced and kept me intrigued.
There were some editing mistakes like in one sentence instead of 'kicking', 'king' was used, but the mistake didn't matter as the story was engrossing enough and you could gauge what the writer wanted to say.
It's  a short enjoyable(if you enjoy horror i mean. If not then it would creep you out.) read. I would say go for it. I would definitely check out other works by Mr Blackthorn.
You can get the book from the link below:

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