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Island - Richard Laymon

Read between 30th April,2016 to 1st of May,2016

Edition Details:
Format : Hardcover
Page count : 326
Publisher: BCA

First Sentence:
Today, the yacht exploded.

When Connie had asked Rupert to join the family trip to Bahamas, the only thing Rupert had in mind was beaches and having a good time. It was Connie's parent's 20th wedding anniversary and the trip was a gift from Wesley, the eldest brother in law of Connie.
The group was having a good time too until the yacht exploded along with Wesley in it.
Now, the remaining 7 members of the group are stranded on the deserted Island. The things could have been worse, though. Here at least they have enough resources to last till they are rescued.
There is just a single problem. There seems to be someone else in the Island. And that someone wants to murder them one by one.

Island by Richard Laymon is basically a slasher.  Slasher as you know has this basic premise: 
There is a group of people and somebody or someone is killing them one at a time and in the most gruesome way as possible.
This book starts on this premise but the plot as you keep on reading you find out there is more to it than murder. Yeah, it keeps getting more gruesome and disgusting as the story progresses.

The book is written in  diary form. Rupert is an eighteen year old guy who's invited to the cruise by his girl friend Connie.
Now, since he's eighteen and hasn't done 'it' with any one  so sex is always on the top of his mind. And he doesn't shies away from writing about it in his journal.
So, if you  haven't been a guy at 18 you may find it pretty disgusting but if you have then you may see that he tries to be too honest in his diary. And honesty is not always a best policy. Most guys wouldn't admit to thinking what he's thinking because then they'll be considered as pervs.
I'm saying this because you see he's getting aroused at moments which may sound weird to anyone but at the same time he's feeling guilt for it. So, it kinda makes it believable.
Now having said that (needed to tell you the protagonist is not your regular knight in shining armor. He saves the damsel in distress but doesn't shy away from imaging that damsel paying in kind for it.) , the story is great. There is a suspense in the story. The initial mystery is who is doing this and when the who part is revealed then that poses another question to the reader. Why he's doing this?
The book is full of action. The characters are as believable as they can be in a slasher novel. Now what i mean by this statement is that since in these kind of novels the person is thrown into so much trauma that you can hardly guess how in real life people will react to it. Anyone would be distraught when he's seeing his loved ones murdered but as he's worrying about his/her own life so he'll hardly have time to react to it. And if he does get time, how will he react? Will there be survivor's guilt? Or he'll be thankful that he's made it. Well, that's difficult to say.
There are many parts of book that some readers may find offensive and repulsive. There is a scene where a fourteen year old kid is being beaten and is then raped. But thankfully there was only one scene like that. I'm mentioning this because this was one of the most repulsive thing that i read in this book. If you can digest this then i think you'll be okay through it.

At the conclusion i'll just say if you're in to slasher movies then you'd like this book. But if you are easily disgusted then it would be better if you stay away from. Or may be you should try it and see till  how far you can read it.

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