Doppelganger Mine by Milo James Fowler

Rating: 3.5/5
Finished On : 4th of April 2014

Edition Details:
Originally published  by : Fried Chicken
Reprinted In : Cover of Darkness
Format : E-book
 Length : 19 pages (estimated)
First Sentence:
There I am, floating face-down in the pool.

Paul is an executive in an advertising firm. The only thing redeeming from his stressful job is a nice weekend with his fiancee. On such an weekend driving through the traffic he sees some one familiar to him from his rear view mirror. The guy is looking familiar because he looks exactly like the narrator. Who is this guy? What does he wants??And was seeing him just a coincidence?? There will be many questions rattling in your brain but you'll have to read the book for making them stop.

It was a short ,exciting and weird (in a good sense) read. The writer keeps the pace and maintains the tension which makes reading the story fun. I liked the way the story progresses .  It was an enjoyable read and i know you'll enjoy it too. I'll say give it a go.

You can download the book from:

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