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The Clue of the Twisted Candle by Edgar Wallace

Rating: 3/5
Finished On: 20th of December 2013

The clue of twisted candle is a mystery novel by Edgar Wallace,first published in 1918. This is the second Wallace novel that i've read in 2013. The other one was the Book of all Power.

John Lexman is a novelist who writes detective fictions. He's very accomplished in creating scenarios that often baffle not only the average reader but also the people that are in police department.
Remington Kara is a very wealthy businessman. Although he is wealthy,what he desires  immense power and he doesn't cares weather he gets it by hook or crook.
T X Meridith is the eccentric but very shrewd,deputy commissioner of Scotland yard. He is called to solve the most perplexing cases. He is a friend of John Lexman.
When Kara is found murdered in mysterious circumstances,even T X is at his wit's end as to the identity of the killer. So he urges his friend Lexman to get involved in the case who was already acquainted with Kara and had known him for what he was. Reluctantly he agrees to apply his mind for the first time not in creating a baffling situation but for reaching to a conjecture by gathering clues and solving a mystery that has befuddled chief of police of major countries.Would he be successful in solving the mystery??We'll you'll have to read the book for that,my friend.

My opinion:
The book was average. It was nothing very extraordinary but also it was not too bad. Also i really like the character of T X Meridith who had always something witty to say which at first my seem insulting but was a part of his charm.
For example:
I want you to come down here at once," said the voice urgently, and even over the telephone T. X. recognized the distress. "I have shot a man, killed him!"

T. X. gasped.

"Good Lord," he said, "you are a silly ass!"

I am very distressed at this happening," he went on, "and I am more distressed because I feel that as I introduced Lexman to this unfortunate man, I am in a sense responsible."

"If I were you," said T. X., leaning back in the chair and looking half questioningly and half earnestly into the face of the other, "I shouldn't let that fact keep me awake at night. Most people are murdered as a result of an introduction. The cases where people murder total strangers are singularly rare. That I think is due to the insularity of our national character."

You are a very clever man, Mr. Meredith—I think that is your name?"

"That is my name," said T. X. calmly. "There has been, no need for me to change it as often as you have found the necessity
Although he may seem flippant at times but beneath that veneer he's a very shrewd personality.
There were some parts in the middle that lagged and i lost my attention. For example how Meredith found about Hiabam Hussein Effendi , i couldn't figure out. If somebody does please drop me a line. But the ending was great and that notched up the book from 2.5 stars to 3 stars. So i can for this is that all's well  that ends well.

Some quotes from the book:

You must remember I am a Greek, and the modern Greek is no philosopher. You must remember, too, that I am a petted child of fortune, and have had everything I wanted since I was a baby

People with lots of money seldom get hung. You only get hung for wanting money.

The book is available in public domain and here are the links from where you can download the book at no cost:

Project gutenberg link to The Clue of twisted Candle

Amazon link to the The clue of the twisted candle

happy reading guys

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  1. I was a fan of Edgar Wallace's books in my teens (I am 58 now). I don't remember having read this one. Thanks for the info - maybe I'll find it & read it now.

  2. yeah you can download it from the project gutenberg. i've given the link in the post. And i agree his books are highly entertaining.


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