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Elantris by Brandon Sanderson

Rating: 5/5
 finished on 26th september 2013

I loved the book . Although, for the first 100 pages or so I had to struggle with the terms and names but once I got the hang of the terms and names I started enjoying the story.
 Elantris once was the one of the most beautiful city and was inhabited by Elantrians who were the most powerful,beautiful and kind people in whole kingdoms. Elantrians once were the normal people who when touched by shaod transformed into these radiating beings. But all this changed. Now when the shaod took on people, it didn't transformed them into radiating beings but into ugly,powerless creatures who didn't have the any of the magical abilties. And Elantris itself turned into a crumbling,filthy,place detested by people who once longed to be part of it.
The book has three main characters and the story revolves around them. Raoden, the prince of Arelon is loved by the people and is the heir of the throne. Sarene is the princess of Teod and is engaged to be married to the Prince. Hrathen is a fjordell high priest who has come to kae, capital of Arelon , to covert the people and the kingdom to shu-dereth and thus incorporating it in to empire of Wryn.
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