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Batman: Gotham Adventures #35

Read on 3rd October 2020

Edition Details:
Format: Paperback | Publisher: Gotham Comics | Writer: Scott Peterson
Penciller: Tim Levins | Inker: Terry Beatty | Colorist: Lee Loughridge

Batman: Gotham Adventures #35


Flicher , who was captured by Batman, is accused of attempted kidnapping of a child.

And now, Bruce Wayne has been  called for jury duty. He is a part of jury that has to decide his guilt. The problem is most of the jury members think that Flicher is innocent. He doesn't look capable of doing the crime that he has been charged with.

What would Bruce do now?
Would he be able to convince the Jury otherwise?
How does he do it?

My Views:

When i was in college i used to buy these comics which were brought in India by Gotham Comics. They were single issues and affordable. Now sadly Gotham Comics has closed shop but these editions have become prized jewels of my collection. And  this is after 8-10 years that i'm going through them again.

The story Stepping Forward by Scott Peterson is about doing the right thing without worrying about the coincidences. And, it also tells the reader that if you do the right thing then there are chances that other people would follow suit. It also reminded me of a classic 12 Angry Men or Ek Ruka hua Faisla it's hindi adaptation. 

The story is simple. Bruce has to convince the jury members that the guy that they are deeming innocent is not so. He has to inspire them to take the right decision when all they are worried about is getting done with this duty and go on with their personal lives.

The story is interesting and it's fun to watch how Bruce changes the opinion of the people.  Although it's a Batman comic but here Bruce is on the center-stage. He has to ensure that the criminal doesn't go scot-free.

While he's acting as jury member during the day, we see batman giving all the details of what's happening in the jury to Robin in the night when they are fighting crime. I was looking these panels and was thinking why he waits till they are jumping building or fighting goons to discuss these proceedings. I guess they could come early to talk about it and then could have gone about fighting crime. It looks funny now. But i think that is how things were done back then. Ha ha. It also make you wonder what do these vigilantes talk about when they are going about their activities. Would they discuss regular stuff or something different? What do you think?

I liked the story but i think the ending could have been better. We see Robin making an appearance in the court which didn't gel with me. A vigilante in the court of law where there must be at least a couple of policemen present at all times looks a little too over dramatic. It could have been avoided and the story would have been the same. I think if what Robin did was done by a policeman or member of a jury then the story would have carried more punch. It would have proved that we don't need vigilante to uphold the law. Apart from this you also can't help but think how did Robin went out of the court after making that dramatic entry. Was he stopped by someone? Did he have to tackle few bulls to escape? What do you think?

In the end, i would say that apart from the two things that i mentioned above i enjoyed reading this comic book. It was a fun read quick read for me.  

Rating: 3/5

Have you read this comic book? What did you think of it? Which are your favourite Batman stories?

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  1. '12 Angry Men' was exactly the film came in my mind after reading starting lines. You gave a batman comics 3 star in 5. Now I'm sooooo much relieved with my 3 stars given by you on 'Maut Ab Dur Nahin'.

    1. I'm glad to find out that you too remembered the same movie.

      As far as rating is concerned each rating is different. The rating of a comic book can't be compared to a rating of a novel. They are different mediums.


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