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Tipping by Gregor Xane

Read between 29th May,2019 to 30th  May,2019

Edition Details:
Format : E-book
Page Count: 43
Publication: New Dollar Pulp
Price: 72 Rs (Free for kindle unlimited)

Tipping by Gregor Xane

First Sentence:
Little Wendy chased it down- just a bunny, nothing much- and snapped its neck with her teeth, then woke up in her usual place, nestled between the fridge and the bathroom.

Wendy is a little girl who lives with her brother Jim. And she is afraid of him. Jim has that affect on most people. They tend to do whatever he wants.

Wendy and his brother have been living in a world where their food is rationed.

Now,Jim has come up with an idea and he wants to execute it. Wendy knows whatever Jim is thinking can't be good. Something bad is about to happen. And she can't do anything to prevent it.

Why was their food rationed? What is Jim planning on doing? What is going to happen to Wendy?

Tipping is a short story by Gregor Xane. It was a weird short story that i liked reading.

Gregor takes you in a world where there are Vampires living a normal life. The humans on other hand are being treated like cattle and raised like one too. The picture that is presented is kind of bleak and scary.

The concept of Vampirisim has always intrigued me. I have always thought why are they considered evil. I mean where i live there are tigers who often attack and kill humans and still we don't consider them evil.

If you really think about it, Vampires are no less different than us. We consume whatever we want and so do they. If you really think about it then what the vampire would be to us, we are to the various animals that we so recklessly consume.

Anyways,coming back to the story, the story has very few characters. There is Jim who is leader of the pack and then there is his sister Wendy. I was interested to know more about them but sadly nothing more is given. We are just thrown into their life when the events of the story take place and we witness it from there. We are not given any information about the world where we are led.

I liked the world that Gregor has created. It intrigues me. I want to know more about this world. How it came to be? What led humans to their present condition in this world? Why are vampires living like this?

Who is Jim? Why did he do what he did? What did he want to achieve  by it? Was it a start of some war?

I felt like i was suddenly put in to the world and then suddenly pulled out from it. The story feels like a teaser and thus feels incomplete.

I would definitely like to read more about this world but as far as this story is concerned, though this story is fairly good read, it still leaves me unsatiated.

Rating : 2.5/5

If you have read this one, the do tell me what did you think of the story?
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