Night of the living Dummy by R L Stine

Rating: 3/5
Read between January 26th 2018 and January 27th 2018

Edition Details:
Format : Paperback
Page Count: 134
Publisher: Scholastic
ISBN: 9780590466172
Series: Goosebumps #7

First Sentence:
'Mmmmm!  Mmmm! Mmmmm!'

Lindy and Kris are twin sisters. They love each other but are always trying to one up one another. So when Lindy finds a ventriloquist dummy and starts garnering attention from her friends and neighbours, then it was natural for Kris to start pining for a dummy too. And so her father gets her Mr Wood.

Now Lindy has Sammy and Kris has Mr Wood. Kris is on the top of the world as she believes she can be a better ventriloquist than her sister.

But there is something different about Mr Wood. Something very creepy. And now Kris is regretting having it.

What happened to Kris that she formed such an opinion. Was something really wrong with Mr Wood or was it just a childish fantasy?

You'll have to read the book to find that out.

Major Characters:
Kris Powell, Lindy Powell - The twin sisters
Slappy - A ventriloquist dummy that Lindy found
Mr Wood - A ventriloquist dummy that Kris' dad gifted to her
Mrs Berman- Music Teacher of Kris and Lindy
The Millers - Neighbours of Powells

I always wanted to read books in Goosebumps series by R L Stine. But never had the opportunity to do so during my childhood. Although i do remember watching a few episodes of TV series during my childhood and loving them. And then i grew up and forgot all about this series. It was near the end of last year that i think i saw Goosebumps the movie which had came out in 2015 (Yeah, i was late to the party.)  and it rekindled the desire in me to read this series. I browsed the series and this grabbed my attention. I had a seen a movie called Dead Silence and the dummy in that eerily resembles to the one on this cover. Plus, the dummy was also in the movie and i liked it the movie. So i picked this one up having no idea what it was about.

Now about the book I really enjoyed reading this book. The chapters are short and most of them end in such a way that a reader would be forced to move on the next one.I think kids will have a riot with this.

I also liked the portrayal of Kris and Lindy. The sibling rivalry that they display reminded me of how me and my sister used to fight among themselves. Although, our level was far lesser than that of these two. But i could get them. They were twins and similar to each other. And they were at the age where children start to carve out their individual identity so it can be pretty frustrating when you see somebody who is exactly like you. But this doesn't mean they don't love each other. They do and they do know that it doesn't matters how much they bicker among themselves, they will be there for each other in times of distress. I liked the equation between the two girls.

The adults in this one are ignorant of what they the sisters have led themselves too and they have only each other. And so they have to fight the supernatural entity. I liked the character of that supernatural entity too. Most of the time it was like a petulant child and i couldn't help chuckling at his antics. At my age my definition of horror has changed but it was fun to read and i didn't thought i would enjoy it this much.

The ending of the book was classic.I had already bought other novels featuring Slappy and the ending of this one has got me pretty excited about reading the other ones.

I really enjoyed reading it and would try to finish all the books in the Goosebump series. Maybe i will watch the TV series too if i could get it somewhere. It would be fun reliving the childhood.

Anyways, if you have read this book then do tell me what did you think about it. If you haven't read this and want to read it then you can get it from the following links:

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